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YPR Report: The Scout Method

24 May 2015

The Scout Method is the key to Scouting’s distinctive role in the community, though there are very few youth and adult members who can actually name and describe all aspects of the Method. This results in a need for better communication of the Method to members so that it can be better understood and become more evident in the Scouting program.


Teach Them, Train Them, Let them Lead

13 May 2015

“Leadership for All. How do we create a developmental model of leadership for youth that is world standard?” – A team of volunteers explored this question in detail for Stage 3 of the YPR. Their recommendation report can be found within!


Entertainment Books

08 May 2015

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Comedy Capers Gang Show May 22-30

07 Apr 2015

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Important Scouts Australia training changes

29 Mar 2015

There will be a change in focus to ensure that Scouting, first and foremost, delivers “scout training” to the thousands of adults that join the organisation and develop themselves further every year and where sought, a pathway to achieving accredited qualifications is provided.