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New Television Commercials

25 May 2019

We are proud to launch our new Television Commercials showcasing the awesome fun and adventure you can have at Scouts whether you are 5, 25 or 75



02 May 2019

A moving video of Scouts and other youth at the City of Playford ANZAC vigil and Dawn Service


Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre

18 Mar 2019

Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre. Read the message from Scouts SA.


Adult Recognition Awards 2010

On 'World Scout Day' Scouts Australia (SA Branch) would like to recognise the outstanding achievement and contributions to the Scouting Movement, of Leaders and Supporters of Scouting who have been awarded Adult Recognition Awards on 1 August 2010.

The South Australian Branch Chief Commissioner John Derbyshire and SA President Mr Dean Rossiter thank these adults for their dedication and commitment to Scouting on behalf of the many thousands of Scouts, both past and present.


Eminent achievement and exceptional service over a long period or for a unique and highly valued contribution to the wellbeing of Scouting

BATES, JanisSupporting MemberSupporting Members Fellowship
CLARKE, John ChristopherSupporting MemberSupporting Members Fellowship


for Eminent Achievement and Meritorious Service to the Scout Movement


Further distinguished service of around 4-5 years since the award of the Silver Koala

SMITH, Kenneth EricAssistant Group LeaderMorphett Vale Scout Group


for Distinguished Service to the Scout Movement

AUSTIN, Robin JohnCommittee ChairpersonMt Lofty Scout Group


Distinguished service to the Association for a period of at least 14 years

GRANT, Brett DarrylProvisional - Activity LeaderPolice Scouters Team
WALKER, Gregory HoraceDistrict Scout LeaderOnkaparinga Scout District
WALL, Jacqueline AnnBranch Commissioner (Performing Arts)Performing Arts Teams
WILLIAMS, Troy AndrewBranch Commissioner (YAC)Youth Advisory Council Team


for Outstanding Service to the Scout Movement

HAYFORD, Carol AnnStaff (SAHQ)South Australian Branch


Outstanding service to the Association for a period of at least 10 years.

CORKINDALE, Carolyn JenniferBranch Commissioner (Scouts)Scout Section Team
DELANY, Michael RobertAssistant Branch Commissioner (District Administration)Districts Teams
DRECKOW, Lindsay WilliamDistrict Scout LeaderSouth East District
TALIANGIS, Christopher ColinCub Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Cub Pack 2 (Warriparri)


for Excellent Service to the Scout Movement

AKKERMANS, Andrew JamesAssistant Branch Commissioner (Cub Scouts)Cub Scout Section Team
BRADY, CherrylDistrict Scout LeaderBarossa Light Scout District
BUGDEN, Anita MargaretJoey Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Joey Mob 1 (Ingarnendi)
BUGDEN, Craig DennisGroup LeaderFlagstaff Hill Scout Group
GARIYASA, GillianAssistant Joey Scout LeaderPt Noarlunga Sea Joey Mob
KALLIN, Brett RossScout LeaderEdinburgh Park Scout Troop
MCCULLOCH, Janet KayAffiliate MemberBranch Fellowship Team
MOTT, Brenda MargaretDistrict Cub Scout LeaderBarossa Light Scout District
SCHOFIELD, Nadine MireilleDistrict Cub Scout LeaderArdtornish District
VIVIAN, Ross DavidAssistant Venturer LeaderMt Lofty Venturer Unit (Twin Peaks)


in recognition of Good Service to the Scout Movement

BLISS, Susan HazelScout LeaderHappy Valley Scout Troop 1 (Balaka)
CADDY, John FreemanCub Scout LeaderBeaumont Cub Pack 2 (Kuburra)
DUFFIELD, Christopher WilliamVenturer LeaderGlen Osmond Venturer Unit (Tangent)
ELLISS, Maralyn JoanScout LeaderWallaroo Scout Troop Special
EVANS, Katrina LouiseAssistant Cub Scout LeaderAscot Park Cub Pack
FEATHERSTONE, RoyCommittee TreasurerSeaford Meadows Scout Group
GAUCI, Bruce RaymondProvisional - Activity LeaderRadio Activities Team
GOLDFINCH, Ian LeslieCub Scout LeaderCollege Park Cub Pack 2 (Wednesday)
GREEN, Pam LouiseAffiliate MemberBranch Fellowship Team
HARDAKER, David MichaelCommittee ChairpersonRidgehaven Scout Group
HEININGER, Jennifer AnnJoey Scout LeaderMt Gambier 1st Joey Mob 1 (Blue)
HENRY, MargaretAssistant Scout LeaderFulham Sea Scout Troop
HUFFA, Helen AnnAssistant Scout LeaderBelair Scout Troop (Friday)
HUFFA, Lewis JohnAssistant Scout LeaderBelair Scout Troop (Friday)
JOHNSTON, Leonie AnneCommittee TreasurerGlen Osmond Scout Group
KINGHAM, Stephen JamesBranch Commissioner (Environment)Environment Team
KIRLEW, Hazel SylviaJoey Scout LeaderWallaroo Joey Mob
KLEINIG, Ian RupertScout LeaderBurra Scout Troop
KORNER, Ashlee NicolleCub Scout LeaderHappy Valley Cub Pack 1 (Pathfinder)
KORNER, Owen RonaldCommittee TreasurerHappy Valley Scout Group
LANE, Andrew RobertCub Scout LeaderClare Cub Pack
MCCALLUM, Margaret RomaScout LeaderSemaphore Scout Troop
MCGUCKIN, Edward FrancisCub Scout LeaderGreenwith Cub Pack (1) Thursday
MCGUIRE, John WilliamAssistant Scout LeaderProspect Sea Scout Troop
MURRAY, William GregoryActivity LeaderPt Noarlunga Sea Scout Group
NIELSEN, Andrew JohnAssistant Scout LeaderMt Lofty Scout Troop 1 (Wednesday)
NOACK, David PeterAssistant Scout LeaderWaikerie Scout Troop
SAG, Daniel AaronVenturer LeaderFullarton 1st/2nd Venturer Unit
SCOTT, Gavin PaulScout LeaderNaracoorte Scout Troop
SHEEHY, Correnna LynetteGroup LeaderCamden Park Scout Group
SOLOMONS, Glen DouglasScout LeaderMt Gambier 1st Scout Troop 1 (Friday Flames)
TURNER, Phillip JeremyAssistant Cub Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Cub Pack 2 (Warriparri)
WILLIAMS, Adrian RobertAssistant Scout LeaderCamden Park Scout Troop (Thursday)
WYSKAMP, David AnthonyAssistant Scout LeaderPt Noarlunga Sea Scout Troop (Wednesday)