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New Television Commercials

25 May 2019

We are proud to launch our new Television Commercials showcasing the awesome fun and adventure you can have at Scouts whether you are 5, 25 or 75



02 May 2019

A moving video of Scouts and other youth at the City of Playford ANZAC vigil and Dawn Service


Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre

18 Mar 2019

Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre. Read the message from Scouts SA.


Good Service Awards 2005

The following people were honoured for their special contribution to Scouting on World Scout Day 2005.


Eminent achievement and exceptional service over a long period or for a unique and highly valued contribution to the wellbeing of Scouting

CRACKNELL, Vernon JohnService AuxiliarySocial and Service Group
FEWSTER, David JohnDistrict Scout LeaderRiverland Scout District
YOUNG, Kevin JohnScout LeaderFlinders Park Scout Troop


Further distinguished service of around 4-5 years since the award of the Silver Koala

LEICESTER, Deane MatthewProject Commissioner (Roonka)Roonka Activity Centre
MICHELL, John RaynorCub Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Cub Pack 1 (Kaurna)
TRELOAR, Pauline AnnProvisional - District Leader (Administration)Lone District


for Distinguished Service to the Scout Movement

JEFFREY, William ThomasActivity LeaderPaddling Team
MANSFIELD, Richard CharlesService AuxiliarySocial and Service Group
MARTIN, Barbara ConstanceService AuxiliarySocial and Service Group
TUCKWELL, David MartinSupporting MemberSupporting Members Fellowship


Distinguished service to the Association for a period of at least 14 years

EALING, Kay RosalindAssistant Branch Commissioner (Training)Training & Program Support Teams
ELLIS, Robert JohnGroup LeaderKidman Park Scout Group
FIELD, William AnthonyBranch Commissioner (Scouts)Scout Section Team


for Outstanding Service to the Scout Movement

JEFFERY, AndrewService AuxiliarySocial and Service Group
LEICESTER, WendyService AuxiliarySocial and Service Group


Outstanding service to the Association for a period of at least 10 years.

ADAMS, Gerald StewartActivity LeaderHappy Valley Scout Group
BRADDOCK, Jennifer AnneBranch Commissioner (Joey Scouts)Joey Scout Section Team
ELLERY, Iean FrancisProvisional - Activity LeaderPaddling Team
FUSS, Graeme PhillipRover AdviserLone Scout Group
HANCOCK, Katherine Regina RossGroup LeaderFlinders Park Scout Group
HURLEY, Dawn GraceCub Scout LeaderBelair Cub Pack 1 (Wednesday)
LAMBERTS, Luitje JanProvisional - Activity LeaderPaddling Team
LIGHT, Susan RaeDistrict Cub Scout LeaderLone District
RYAN, Stephen WayneActivity LeaderReynella Scout Group
SELLWOOD, Michael DouglasScout LeaderDarlington Scout Troop


for Excellent Service to the Scout Movement

BAKER, Alan RaymondAssistant Cub Scout LeaderPt Noarlunga Sea Cub Pack 1 (Albatross)
BROWETT, Marian HartleyScout LeaderEden Hills Scout Troop 1 (Thursday)
CAPON, Nicola MaryVenturer LeaderBelair Venturer Unit
CARLE, Leslee JoyAssistant Joey Scout LeaderLyndoch Joey Mob
CARLE, Lynton KeithGroup LeaderLyndoch Scout Group
CHEGWYN, Kathryn MaryGroup LeaderBalaklava Scout Group
CHOMIK, ChristineDistrict Joey Scout LeaderBarossa Light Scout District
CORKINDALE, Carolyn JenniferDistrict CommissionerSturt District
DAUK, Julie AnnAssistant Branch Commissioner (Joey Scouts)Joey Scout Section Team
DEANE-SHAW, Anthony FieldingAssistant Cub Scout LeaderWhyalla 3rd Cub Pack (Thursday)
DRECKOW, Lindsay WilliamScout LeaderLucindale Scout Troop
ELLIS, Sandra JaneDistrict Cub Scout LeaderNorth Western District
GRAVE, Kevin WilliamCub Scout LeaderAdelaide 2nd Cub Pack
HAENSEL-FUSS, Margaret AlisonAssistant Scout LeaderLone Scout Troop
LAUGHTON, Ian HenryCub Scout LeaderTwo Wells Cub Pack
LEIBHARDT, BruceVenturer LeaderLyndoch Venturer Unit
LEIBHARDT, Janette HildaAssistant Venturer LeaderLyndoch Venturer Unit
PILGRIM, Alison JaneCub Scout LeaderKidman Park Cub Pack 1 (Monday)
READ, Andrew LeslieCub Scout LeaderEden Hills Cub Pack 2 (Tuesday)
SELLARS, Mark PhilipActivity LeaderSturt District


in recognition of Good Service to the Scout Movement

AKKERMANS, Andrew JamesAssistant Cub Scout LeaderFullarton 1st/2nd Cub Pack
ALLEN, Wayne FrancisScout LeaderClare Scout Troop
ANDERSON, Melissa JaneDistrict Joey Scout LeaderSouthern Hills Scout District Personnel
BAKER, Graham WilliamGroup LeaderAngaston 2nd Scout Group
BARONE, Judith TaniaAssistant Cub Scout LeaderAdelaide 2nd Cub Pack
BEAL, Arthur GordonAssistant Cub Scout LeaderCollege Park Cub Pack 2 (Wednesday)
BOUNDY, Matthew JamesAssistant Joey Scout LeaderAdelaide 2nd Joey Mob
BOWEY, Carl JulianJoey Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Joey Mob 1 (Ingarnendi)
BRADY, CherrylScout LeaderTwo Wells Scout Troop (Time Lords)
BRISTOW, Lee AnnDistrict LeaderWhyalla Scout District
BULLER, Judith LeeCub Scout LeaderBarmera Cub Pack
DILLON, Joel MarkAssistant Joey Scout LeaderAdelaide 2nd Joey Mob
GARIYASA, GillianAssistant Joey Scout LeaderPt Noarlunga Sea Joey Mob
GOLDING, Ian FrancisAssistant Venturer LeaderWhyalla Venturer Unit
GRAY, SimonCub Scout LeaderFullarton 1st/2nd Cub Pack
JESSER, Robert DouglasAssistant Cub Scout LeaderAberfoyle Park Cub Pack (Wednesday)
JONES, Judith MarieAssistant Scout LeaderFlinders Park Scout Troop
KEELAN, Peter JohnCub Scout LeaderLyndoch Cub Pack
KENNEDY, Elaine JoyGroup LeaderGawler Scout Group
LEETON, Cheryl AnneJoey Scout LeaderMt Lofty Joey Mob 1 (Thursday)
LEETON, John Raymond PaulAssistant Joey Scout LeaderMt Lofty Joey Mob 1 (Thursday)
LEITCH, Emrys JamesLeave of AbsenceMt Lofty Joey Mob 2 (Monday)
MUTTON, Robert GordonAssistant Venturer LeaderLone Venturer Unit
NANKIVELL, Bruce HenryScout LeaderMt Lofty Scout Troop 1 (Wednesday)
O'BRIEN, Jonathan AndrewAssistant Scout LeaderAscot Park Scout Troop
PHILBEY, Neil KennethGroup LeaderEden Hills Scout Group
SLEEP, Linda RuthVenturer LeaderFullarton 1st/2nd Venturer Unit
STEER, Anne MargaretAssistant Joey Scout LeaderLone Joey Mob
THOMPSON, Beverly AnnCub Scout LeaderAberfoyle Park Cub Pack (Wednesday)
THOMSON, Susan ValerieGroup LeaderAscot Park Scout Group
TONKIN, NeilJoey Scout LeaderFlinders Park Joey Mob
VAN DER VLEUT, Wilhelmus Leonardus JCub Scout LeaderCollege Park Cub Pack 1 (Monday)
WILKINS, Paul RaymondGroup LeaderGoodwood 3rd Scout Group
WISE, ChristopherAssistant Branch Commissioner (Cub Scouts)Cub Scout Section Team