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New Television Commercials

25 May 2019

We are proud to launch our new Television Commercials showcasing the awesome fun and adventure you can have at Scouts whether you are 5, 25 or 75



02 May 2019

A moving video of Scouts and other youth at the City of Playford ANZAC vigil and Dawn Service


Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre

18 Mar 2019

Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre. Read the message from Scouts SA.


Good Service Awards 2006

The following people were honoured for their special contribution to Scouting on World Scout Day 2006.


Eminent achievement and exceptional service over a long period or for a unique and highly valued contribution to the wellbeing of Scouting

BOLLENHAGEN, Elizabeth ThomsonService AuxiliarySocial and Service Group
JONGEBLOED, Maximilian CharlesAssistant Chief Commissioner (Strategic Development)South Australian Branch
MITCHELL, Enid BeatriceService AuxiliarySocial and Service Group


Further distinguished service of around 4-5 years since the award of the Silver Koala

BUTCHER, Margaret ClairActivity LeaderSouthern Flinders Scout District
LANGSFORD, Brian NeilDistrict CommissionerHighlands District
MATTIE, Russell MaxScout LeaderParabury Scout Troop


for Distinguished Service to the Scout Movement

EASTON, Melville ThomasService AuxiliarySocial and Service Group


Distinguished service to the Association for a period of at least 14 years

BURGESS, Christene FayeAssistant Venturer LeaderFlagstaff Hill Venturer Unit
LIDDELL, John FrancisCub Scout LeaderIngle Farm Cub Pack
MINGHAM, EricScout LeaderSt Kilda Sea Scout Troop (Friday)
MOTT, Valerie LouiseGroup LeaderRidgehaven Scout Group
WATERMAN, Dorothy MaeGroup LeaderHillcrest Scout Group
WILKIN, Ashley JohnDistrict CommissionerSouth East District


for Outstanding Service to the Scout Movement

BOLLENHAGEN, Malcolm AllenService AuxiliarySocial and Service Group


Outstanding service to the Association for a period of at least 10 years.

ALDERTON, Phillip Charles GeorgeActivity LeaderAir Activities Team
BAYLY, David GeoffreyDistrict Cub Scout LeaderHighlands District
BRYANT, David JohnDistrict CommissionerArdtornish District
LEICESTER, Paul MatthewAssistant Scout LeaderSalisbury 1st Scout Troop 1 (Wednesday)
LEWER, Robert JamesCub Scout LeaderSalisbury 1st Cub Pack 1 (Tuesday)
PUTMAN, Joseph JohnGroup LeaderBelair Scout Group
ROGERS, Trevor BernardScout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Scout Troop 2 (Jindalee)
SWAIN, Darran JohnProject Commissioner (Gang Show)Gang Show Team


for Excellent Service to the Scout Movement

BETTS, James JosephCommittee TreasurerAdelaide 2nd Scout Group
BICKLEY, MichaelAssistant Branch Commissioner (Joey Scouts)Joey Scout Section Team
BROOKS, Edith MaryActivity LeaderSea Scout Section Team
KENNEWELL, Cheryl DeniseGroup LeaderSt Kilda Sea Scout Group
LESCAI, HeatherCub Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Cub Pack 3 (Tarnda)
LEVERING, Gerardus HendrikusAssistant Scout LeaderWhyalla 2nd Scout Troop
LOFTES, Adam GordonCub Scout LeaderManor Farm Cub Pack
MACGILLIVRAY, Andrew DouglasProject Commissioner (Comedy Capers)Comedy Capers Team
MCCOMAS, Haydn WarwickCub Scout LeaderHope Valley Cub Pack 1 (Wednesday)
NIELSEN, John WilliamAssistant Group LeaderMt Lofty Scout Group
PALMER, Stephen JosephVenturer LeaderMt Lofty Venturer Unit (Twin Peaks)
RAULT, Andrew ScottCub Scout LeaderBlack Forest Cub Pack
SAGE, Noel RalphCommittee ChairpersonBelair Scout Group
TALIANGIS, Christopher ColinCub Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Cub Pack 2 (Warriparri)
WEBBER, GregoryActivity LeaderMt Lofty Scout Group
WELLS, Terrance PaulGroup LeaderHappy Valley Scout Group
WILLIAMS, Reginald WalterBranch PresidentSouth Australian Branch


in recognition of Good Service to the Scout Movement

ALFORD, MathewAssistant Venturer LeaderRidgehaven Venturer Unit
ASSER, Russell StevenActivity LeaderComedy Capers Team
BEVERLEY, Adrienne AlisonJoey Scout LeaderBlackwood Joey Mob (Tuesday)
BIRD, Wayne AndrewAssistant Cub Scout LeaderMt Lofty Cub Pack 2 (Magpie - Tues)
BOWER, Elena JuneJoey Scout LeaderBalhannah Joey Mob
BUGDEN, Anita MargaretJoey Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Joey Mob 1 (Ingarnendi)
BUGDEN, Craig DennisAssistant Cub Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Cub Pack 1 (Kaurna)
BULLER, GrahamGroup LeaderBarmera Scout Group
CABLE, PatriciaGroup LeaderRisdon Park Sea Scout Group
CARTER, Alwin FrankAssistant Scout LeaderKilkenny Scout Troop
CLARK, Michael JohnJoey Scout LeaderIngle Farm Joey Mob
DAVILL, Claire LouiseAssistant Cub Scout LeaderHappy Valley Cub Pack 2 (Wara)
DIXON, Michael BruceBranch Commissioner (International)International Team
DUNT, Rodney JohnProvisional - Venturer LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Venturer Unit (Altamira)
FAEHRMANN, Marie FayeJoey Scout LeaderBarmera Joey Mob
FRENCH, Mei LianCub Scout LeaderBelair Cub Pack 2 (Tuesday)
FRIDD, Herbert ArnoldCamp WardenSouthern Flinders Scout District
GANLY, ChristopherCommittee TreasurerPt Noarlunga Sea Scout Group
GANNAWAY, DeanneGroup LeaderSomerton Park Sea Scout Group
HARTLEY, Peter MartynScout LeaderLoxton Scout Troop
JONES, Kerry AnneAssistant Branch Commissioner (YAC)Youth Program Teams
KALLIN, Brett RossScout LeaderSalisbury North Scout Troop
KENNEWELL, Lynette RobynAssistant Scout LeaderSt Kilda Sea Scout Troop (Friday)
KNAPPER, Stephen MarkVenturer LeaderParabury Venturer Unit
MILJANOVIC, Christine LouiseAssistant Scout LeaderMt Lofty Scout Troop 2 (Friday)
MOTT, Brenda MargaretDistrict Cub Scout LeaderBarossa Light Scout District
NUUS, RobynCommittee TreasurerSalisbury 1st Scout Group
PIRRI, June MariaAssistant Cub Scout LeaderSalisbury 1st Cub Pack 1 (Tuesday)
RA'CZ, Anthony BrianCommittee ChairpersonCamden Park Scout Group
RENEHAN, Carmel FayeJoey Scout LeaderMillicent Joey Mob
ROATH, DerekCub Scout LeaderParabury Cub Pack
SAFFELL, Stephen PaulCub Scout LeaderGlanville Hall Sea Cub Pack (Friday)
VILANOVA, Wayne StephenBranch Rover Council ChairpersonBranch Rover Council
VIVIAN, Ross DavidTraineeYoung Ldr Dev Program Team Course 1
WILLIAMS, Huw Jonathan CarrTrainee - Assistant Group LeaderAustralian Capital Territory External Branch
WILLIAMS, Janet BlancheCub Scout LeaderAberfoyle Park Cub Pack 1 (Tuesday)
WILLIAMS, Robert GeorgeCommittee TreasurerCamden Park Scout Group
WRIGHT, Bradley MichaelScout LeaderSt Kilda Sea Scout Troop (Friday)