Awarded to

New Vice President - James Carter

20 May 2020

Following the appointment of former Vice President, Jan Turbill to Chief Commissioner, James Carter has been elected Vice President from now until the AGM in August. Congratulations James!


Our Chief Commissioner's address re COVID-19 addresses

24 Apr 2020

Listen to our Chief Commissioner, Jan Turbill lead you through our plans to be a stronger organisation on the other side of COVID-19


Scouting From Home

14 Apr 2020

Find out how you can join Scouting, share in some of our awesome activities or discover what your friends have been raving about.


Scouts SA appoints it's 19th Chief Commissioner

02 Apr 2020

Welcome Jan, Farewell Harry! Scouts SA is proud to announce Jan Turbill has been appointed as our 19th Chief Commissioner. Jan succeeds Harry Long who has devoted his life to Scouting and education and has served as our Chief for the last 5 years.


The adventure continues!

10 Dec 2019

Do you have the post AJ2019 Blues? There is plenty of adventure still to be found!


Scouts SA 2017 AGM

The Scouts SA Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 28 July 2017 at the Titanium Security Arena

 A very enlightening and exciting information session was provided by Graham Coates, President, Dan Ryan CEO and Paul Dickson APM, Vice President before the AGM proper.

The presentation highlighted the challenges we face as an organisation, the amazing business developments on the horizon and the great changes we are already seeing delivered at Woodhouse through the Woodhouse 2020 vision committee, ably led by Vice President Paul Dickson APM, , the BEC, CEO Woodhouse team of staff and very hard working and dedicated volunteers.

The meeting was also given great insight into the AJ2019 preparation by Chief Director Reg Williams RFD.


The Annual Report was presented and accepted. 

An online copy of the 2017 Annual Report is available here

The 2016-2017 full audited financials

are available here









 Life Membership was awarded to David Bryant and Harry Long



Please take time to read their Life Membership citations below.


David is our Branch Commissioner Event Support. He has been passionate and committed to Scouting South Australia for almost 27 years. He was awarded the prestigious Silver Kangaroo in 2016.
David has served in many areas of Scouting. As District Commissioner he chaired the DC Council over two terms, whilst maintaining a cohesive and successful District. During this period David was voted by his peers to the Branch Executive Committee, providing positive input and considered opinions to the Board.
David was appointed to the Chief’s Advisory Panel, a dedicated team of well-respected Leaders taking on challenging investigations.
Attending a total of 16 major events, from Works and Services to a Director role, David is passionate about ensuring every event runs efficiently, safely and successfully and every Leader and Youth member enjoys the best possible Scouting event experience.
Through his many roles, David remains enthusiastic, he motivates others, and has an ability to accept any challenge, following it through to completion, whilst working with respect and best practice leadership with all those in support.
Congratulations David!
Harry was selected for the role of our Branch Chief Commissioner in January 2015 and has recently accepted a further term after a lengthy review process.
Harry uses a ‘servant leadership’ style. This method demands that the leader serves his team and in doing so, the team flourishes. Harry has instinctively used this approach in everything he has taken on in his many and varied roles over 39 years of service to Scouting. These roles include BC International, Lones Activity Leader, Scout Leader, ACC Leader Development and now as our Chief Commissioner.
Internationally, Harry holds the position of Commissioner, Boy Scouts of America Far East Council and is a member of the prestigious worldwide ATAS – (Association of Top Achiever Scouts). Harry’s awards are a mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those displaying exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, having made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their position, these include the Eagle Scout Award, Silver Beaver and the Vigil Honor - Order of the Arrow.
Attending more than 23 National and International major events, Harry is passionate about ensuring every event fulfils the wishes and expectations of all those in attendance.
Contributing at Branch and National levels, Harry’s input is strong, sound, knowledgeable and refreshing. Harry has developed a strong bond of trust and cooperation between volunteers and Branch HQ. 
It is an honour for the Branch to bestow Life Membership on our Chief Commissioner.

Congratulations Harry!

Elections were held for vacant positions of the Branch Executive Committee

The 2017-18 Scouts SA Branch Executive Committee comprises

Graham Coates, President

Paul Dickson APM, Vice President

Harry Long, Chief Commissioner

James Carter

Simon Frederick

Andrew McCauley

Josh Smart

Jan Turbill

Greg Warnes

Scouts SA thanks those who nominate for positions on the BEC.

This AGM saw the retirement of Chris Waples who has served on the BEC for 11 years. Chris has brought high level financial advice to the BEC over this time. He has diligently served as the Chair of the Finance Committee for 6 years, as well as several years service as an administrator of the Ken Maguire Fund and a director of Arena Stadium Management and Scouts Stadium Inc

Jessica Tsakaris leaves the BEC having served exceptionally as a "Young Person" for 5 years.

We sincerely thank both of these fine volunteers for their service to Scouting and the BEC.