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Scouts Australia's Apology

05 Oct 2018

Today, on Friday the 5th October 2018, Scouts Australia apologised to survivors of child sexual abuse in Scouting. Making this apology is part of Scouts Australia’s commitment to acknowledge and address the harm that some of its members have suffered through Scouting.


WHS Policy updated

05 Sep 2018

We have recently updated our WHS Policy and Framework


Scouts SA 2018 AGM

16 Jul 2018

The Scouts SA 2018 AGM was held at our Titanium Security Arena on Friday 13 July


Scouts SA Ambassador Program


Why keep Scouting all to yourself?

Think of all the fun and adventure you have in Scouts, wouldn’t it be more fun if even more people joined?
What are you waiting for? Spread the word on Scouts!!

How does it work?

Each Scout Group will be given an ‘Ambassador Pack” with invitations, flyers and
support information.
More will be downloadable from or you can call SAHQ for more packs.
Hand out the invitations and passports to the interested Youth and Adult Members and plan your Come and Try nights!

When the criteria has been met just email, or phone SAHQ and let us know the details and we will send you out the prizes!


  • Choose 3 of the following;
  • Bring three friends to come and try scouts
  • Get one friend (can be an adult or youth ) to join!
  • Prepare a talk or poster for your school on how great Scouts is!
  • Organise or participate in a come and try activity with your Section

Make sure you check with your Leader about the right time to invite your friend. They may need to check the program to see if the activity is suitable and have extra materials and helpers on hand!

Choose 3 of the following

  • Participate in a Branch or District promotional activity such as the Royal Show or community event.
  • Give a talk to a community group such as Lions, Rotary, or a school social club
  • Set up a display in a community place such as a public library or council chamber
  • Host a Come and Try night for your Group or Section
  • Get one adult to join Scouts as a Leader
  • Get one Youth Member to join Scouts SA


Email with the details, send photographs if possible or write an article for SA Scout about the success of your program.

Your Ambassador Badge and prize will be sent to you once your passport has been provided to Scouts SA HQ.


Scout Outdoor Centre voucher of $20 for in store or online.
Two certificates, one for the Scout Hall and one for you to keep.
A Scouts SA Ambassador woggle
Scouts SA Ambassador button badge

Check out for resources such as ideas on how to run a Come and Try, tips for school visits and more!
If you run a successsful program don’t forget to send it to us!!!

For more information please see MYSCOUT.