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New Television Commercials

25 May 2019

We are proud to launch our new Television Commercials showcasing the awesome fun and adventure you can have at Scouts whether you are 5, 25 or 75



02 May 2019

A moving video of Scouts and other youth at the City of Playford ANZAC vigil and Dawn Service


Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre

18 Mar 2019

Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre. Read the message from Scouts SA.


Adult Recognition Awards 2011

On 'World Scout Day' Scouts Australia (SA Branch) would like to recognise the outstanding achievement and contributions to the Scouting Movement, of Leaders and Supporters of Scouting who have been awarded Adult Recognition Awards on 1 August 2011.

The South Australian Branch Chief Commissioner John Derbyshire and SA President Mr Graham Coates thank these adults for their dedication and commitment to Scouting on behalf of the many thousands of Scouts, both past and present.


Eminent achievement and exceptional service over a long period or for a unique and highly valued contribution to the wellbeing of Scouting

TURNBULL, Valerie AnnAssistant Branch Commissioner (District Support)Districts Teams


Further distinguished service of around 4-5 years since the award of the Silver Koala

ECKERT, Mark EdwinDistrict Leader (Training)Southern Flinders Scout District


Distinguished service to the Association for a period of at least 14 years

LEWER, Robert JamesDistrict Cub Scout LeaderCarisbrooke District
MARSHALL, Dennis GeneCub Scout LeaderAscot Park Cub Pack
OFFLER, Antoinette BerylJoey Scout LeaderAscot Park Joey Mob
PHILLIPS, Caroline AllisonDistrict Scout LeaderArdtornish District


Outstanding service to the Association for a period of at least 10 years.

BOWDEN, Trevor RobertScout LeaderBelair Scout Troop (Friday)
FREUND, Andre ScottDistrict CommissionerLone District
HART, Shelley AnneJoey Scout LeaderQueensland External Branch
INKLEY, Bruce DonaldActivity LeaderFlagstaff Hill Scout Group
MACGILLIVRAY, Andrew DouglasAssistant Branch Commissioner (Comedy Capers)Performing Arts Teams
MULADY, Stephen CharlesProvisional - Assistant Scout LeaderSalisbury 1st Scout Troop 1 (Wednesday)
PEARCE, Jennifer RoseCub Scout LeaderBlackwood Cub Pack 3 (Thursday)
VU, Duc tuynhGroup LeaderLac Viet Scout Group


for Excellent Service to the Scout Movement

ADCOCK, Samuel LukeBranch Commissioner (Radio Activities)Radio Activities Team
BANKS, Andrea SusanDistrict Scout LeaderEastern District
DERBYSHIRE, JohnChief CommissionerSouth Australian Branch
GRAY, Lynette GraceProvisional - Activity LeaderAir Activities Team
HOOPER, Peter JohnJoey Scout LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Joey Mob (Wednesday)
JOHNSON, Kelly GayeGroup LeaderMypolonga Scout Group
KEELAN, Peter JohnScout LeaderSouthern Barossa Scouts Scout Troop
MAGAREY, Christopher RoyVolunteerHighlands District
ROATH, DerekProject Commissioner (Archery)Archery Team
SHORTT, Brian MartinScout LeaderGreenwith Scout Troop
STEVENS, Peter WilliamCub Scout LeaderGlanville Hall Sea Cub Pack (Friday)
VILANOVA, Lauren Blythe MarjorieProvisional - Project Commissioner (Crew Development)Rover Section Team
VILANOVA, Wayne StephenProject Commissioner (Rover Moot)South Australian Branch


Meritorious or praiseworthy service to the Association for a period of at least 6 years.

MCCORMACK, Colin RodneyAssistant Scout LeaderNew South Wales External Branch


in recognition of Good Service to the Scout Movement

ALLOWAY, Judith-AnneJoey Scout LeaderGoodwood 3rd Joey Mob
BOTHERAS, David JohnProvisional - Group LeaderNorthfield Sea Scout Group
BRANSON, Michael EdwardCommittee ChairpersonOne Tree Hill Scout Group
BRUCE, Nathalie AnnCommitteeGoodwood 3rd Scout Group
BRUCE, Peter CharlesAssistant Scout LeaderGoodwood 3rd Scout Troop
CARTER, MartynCommittee ChairpersonMt Compass Scout Group
CHINCA, DebbieCommitteeAngaston 2nd Scout Group
EATON, Cheryl AnnettaExecutive (Member)Comedy Capers Team
FINN, Julie PatriciaAssistant Scout LeaderProspect Sea Scout Troop
HOLBROOK, Kellie RobynCommittee TreasurerFulham Sea Scout Group
JAFFER, Steven RossCub Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Cub Pack 3 (Tarnda)
JONES, Anthony JohnAssistant Joey Scout LeaderGawler Joey Mob
JUDGE, VictoriaAssistant Cub Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Cub Pack 2 (Warriparri)
KAYSER, DavidVolunteer (Rover Moot)Rover Section Team
LEE, Amanda JaneJoey Scout LeaderMurray Bridge Joey Mob
LUDWIG, Alison GraceCommittee TreasurerOne Tree Hill Scout Group
MCPHEE, Brian IanCommittee ChairpersonGolden Grove Scout Group
MITCHELL, Bradley AndrewAssistant Scout LeaderPt Noarlunga Sea Scout Troop (Wednesday)
MUNCHENBERG, Kerry AnneCommittee ChairpersonAngaston 2nd Scout Group
MUNDY, Shirley AnnAssistant Joey Scout LeaderAscot Park Joey Mob
O'MAHONEY, David DenisScout LeaderBalhannah Scout Troop 1 (Thurs)
PARSONS, CraigProvisional - Activity LeaderPaddling Team
PEARCE, Katrina GayeCommittee TreasurerKilkenny Scout Group
PHILP, Sharon GayeProvisional - Group LeaderTaperoo Sea Scout Group
PHILP, Wayne ReginaldScout LeaderTaperoo Sea Scout Troop 2 (Thursday)
PREECE, SueCommittee TreasurerNorthfield Sea Scout Group
RAINSFORD, JakeCub Scout LeaderPt Noarlunga Sea Cub Pack 2 (Tigress)
REID, Sandra KathleenJoey Scout LeaderTaperoo Sea Joey Mob
SCARBOROUGH, Rodney AllenGroup LeaderGreenwith Scout Group
TERPSTRA, Anne HarmenAssistant Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Scout Troop 2 (Jindalee)
TREHEARNE, Paul StephenProvisional - Group LeaderBalhannah Scout Group
TSAKIRIS, Jessica AshleeProject Commissioner (Scouts)Scout Section Team
TUCK, Philip SActivity LeaderBushwalking Team
UNGER, Laura DeniseProvisional - Activity LeaderComedy Capers Team
UNGER, Robert JohnProvisional - Activity LeaderComedy Capers Team
WHITTLESEA, Robert JohnCub Scout LeaderCamden Park Cub Pack 2 (Tuesday)
WILLIAMS, Alistair Roger DavidJoey Scout LeaderCollege Park Joey Mob
WILLIAMS, Jacqueline LindaVolunteerRidgehaven Scout Group
WODSON, Caroline FionaPart time Activity Leader (Cub)Southern Barossa Scouts Cub Pack
WOLFE, Karen LeanneCommittee ChairpersonStrathalbyn Scout Group
WYLIE, MatthewVenturer LeaderFlagstaff Hill Venturer Unit
WYLIE, Natasha Violet PatriciaBranch Commissioner (Venturers)Venturer Section Team