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New Television Commercials

25 May 2019

We are proud to launch our new Television Commercials showcasing the awesome fun and adventure you can have at Scouts whether you are 5, 25 or 75



02 May 2019

A moving video of Scouts and other youth at the City of Playford ANZAC vigil and Dawn Service


Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre

18 Mar 2019

Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre. Read the message from Scouts SA.


Adult Recognition Awards 2016

On 'World Scout Day' Scouts Australia (SA Branch) would like to recognise the outstanding achievement and contributions to the Scouting Movement, of Leaders and Supporters of Scouting who have been awarded Adult Recognition Awards on 1 August 2016.

The South Australian Branch Chief Commissioner Harry Long and SA President Mr Graham Coates thank these adults for their dedication and commitment to Scouting on behalf of the many thousands of Scouts, both past and present.


Eminent achievement and exceptional service over a long period or for a unique and highly valued contribution to the wellbeing of Scouting

BRYANT, David JohnBranch Commissioner (Event Support)Event Support Team
WARNES, Gregory WilliamBranch Commissioner (International)International Team


Further distinguished service of around 4-5 years since the award of the Silver Koala

CAMPOREALE, FrancescoProvisional - District CommissionerKarkana District
WILKIN, Julie KayeAssistant Scout LeaderLucindale Scout Troop


Distinguished service to the Association for a period of at least 14 years

BROWETT, Marian HartleyVenturer LeaderEden Hills Venturer Unit
DERBYSHIRE, JohnAssistant Chief Commissioner (Leader Development)South Australian Branch
MITCHELL, Steven LloydAssistant Scout LeaderMt Barker Scout Troop (Thursday)
NORRISH, Anne AudreyCub Scout LeaderAroona Cub Pack
SELLWOOD, Michael DouglasScout LeaderDarlington Scout Troop


for Outstanding Service to the Scout Movement

CRAILL, AlistairCommittee TreasurerSouthern Barossa Scouts Scout Group


Outstanding service to the Association for a period of at least 10 years.

ALLEN, LeeScout LeaderLone Scout Troop
BAKER, Susan LesleyProgram Adviser (Cub Scouts)Cub Scout Section Team
BYERLEY, Denis KeithGroup LeaderRose Park/Norwood Scout Group
COPE, AndrewScout LeaderCollege Park Scout Troop
GENDERS, Forbes LydhurstActivity LeaderEvent Support Team
GRUBB, Tony LeighCub Scout LeaderDarlington Cub Pack
HENDER, Paul Francis CharlesActivity LeaderEvent Support Team
MCCULLOCH, Janet KayAssistant Branch Commissioner (Joey Scouts)Joey Scout Section Team
MCGUIRE, John WilliamScout LeaderProspect Sea Scout Troop
ROY, Cameron KinnochActivity LeaderCaving Section Team
SHEEHY, Correnna LynetteGroup LeaderCamden Park Scout Group
TERPSTRA, Cheryll JayneProvisional - Assistant Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Scout Troop 2 (Jindalee)
WALL, Craig AndrewActivity LeaderGang Show Team
WALMSLEY, Barbara ElizabethActivity LeaderComedy Capers Team


Meritorious or praiseworthy service to the Association for a period of at least 6 years.

ABDILLA, Angela MariaScout LeaderStradbroke Scout Troop
ALLEN, Andrew LeslieProvisional - Activity LeaderLone Scout Group
CAMPIGLI, Lynette RubyProvisional - Assistant Joey Scout LeaderLone Joey Mob
CAREY, Jennifer LynScout LeaderSouthern Barossa Scouts Scout Troop
CARR, Stephen AnthonyAssistant Group LeaderWhyalla 2nd Scout Group
CUMMINS, StephenCub Scout LeaderTwo Wells Cub Pack
GILES, Stephen LionelActivity LeaderEvent Support Team
GOLDFINCH, Ian LeslieAssistant District CommissionerMawson District
GRAY, SimonGroup LeaderFullarton 1st/2nd Scout Group
HENRY, MargaretProvisional - Scout LeaderFulham Sea Scout Troop
LANE, Stephen JohnActivity LeaderGang Show Team
LEE, Amanda JaneScout LeaderMurray Bridge Scout Troop
LIDDLE, Dennis JohnActivity LeaderEvent Support Team
MACGILLIVRAY, Kathleen SandraActivity LeaderComedy Capers Team
MARKS, Karen AnnAssistant Scout LeaderCollege Park Scout Troop
MCCALLUM, Margaret RomaScout LeaderSemaphore Scout Troop
MILLER, Christopher JohnGroup LeaderHope Valley Scout Group
MORGAN, Mark Andrew JohnCommittee ChairpersonPembroke Scout Group
NELSON, Rebecca AmiJoey Scout LeaderSouthern Barossa Scouts Joey Mob
NOTT, Bruce GrahamActivity LeaderEvent Support Team
PEARCE, Katrina GayeCommittee TreasurerKilkenny Scout Group
PHILLIPS, Toby MehtaFellowship LeaderBranch Fellowship Team
ROCKLIFF, John EdwardProvisional - Venturer LeaderBeaumont Venturer Unit (Rowallan)
SIMONS, Paul ChristopherProvisional - Assistant Group LeaderMt Lofty Scout Group
STEPHENSON, Peter GrantProvisional - Scout LeaderCentennial Park Sea Scout Troop
TERPSTRA, Anne HarmenAssistant Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Scout Troop 2 (Jindalee)
TREHEARNE, Paul StephenGroup LeaderBalhannah Scout Group
VANMALI, HelenTrainee - Joey Scout LeaderBeaumont Joey Mob
WALL, Helen JosephineExecutive (Secretary)Scouts Shouts Youth Theatre
WALTON, Kym LeaneAffiliate MemberBranch Fellowship Team
WHITEHEAD, Lee-Anne JaneProvisional - Assistant District Commissioner (Administration)Lone District
WILLIAMS, Huw Jonathan CarrTrainee - Assistant Group LeaderAustralian Capital Territory External Branch
WOODFORDE, Mark ColinAssistant Scout LeaderGilberton Scout Troop
WRIGHT, Robert AndrewAdult HelperAir Activities Team


Noteworthy contribution to the success of their section or formation or to the wellbeing of Scouting – as a result of a period of at least 12 months intense effort.

ADCROFT, Paul Dale KershawCommittee (Quartermaster)Hallett Cove Scout Group
ALLCHURCH, Edward BartonTrainee - Assistant Venturer LeaderMurray Bridge Venturer Unit
AMOS, Monique MargaretAssistant Cub Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Cub Pack 2 (Warriparri)
ANDERSEN, Kevin JohnProvisional - Cub Scout LeaderBeaumont Cub Pack 1 (Warrawee)
ANDERSON, Naomi RaeJoey Scout LeaderGlen Osmond Joey Mob
ARTHUR, Jillian KateRoverFlash Rover Crew
BARNETT, Simon RobertAssistant Branch Commissioner (International-Promotions)International Team
BOYINGTON, Erica RaeProvisional - Group LeaderNaracoorte Scout Group
BROWN, Allen WilliamGroup LeaderAngle Vale Scout Group
BUCKLEY, Leanne RuthCommitteeSouthern Barossa Scouts Scout Group
CARR, Kathryn MarjorieAssistant Cub Scout LeaderWhyalla 2nd Cub Pack
CASSERLY, Michelle TracyCommittee SecretaryRoxby Downs Scout Group
CHILMAN, Alan MurrayCommittee ChairpersonRidgehaven Scout Group
CHRYSSIDIS, RamonaGroup LeaderPembroke Scout Group
CLARKE, Kathryn LouiseScout LeaderBeaumont Scout Troop (Thursday)
CORBETT, JennyStaff (SAHQ)South Australian Branch
CULLEN, RaymondStaff (SOC)South Australian Branch
CURTIS, Colin GuyProvisional - Assistant Venturer LeaderSalisbury 1st Venturer Unit (Trailblazer)
DAVIS, Peter DeanCommittee ChairpersonAngle Vale Scout Group
DODSWORTH, Richard James InnesAssistant Scout LeaderBeaumont Scout Troop (Thursday)
EAST, LucyMembership OfficerBeaumont Scout Group
ENBOM, Tamra JaneProject Commissioner (Breaking the Cycle)Youth Program Teams
EVANS, Caitlin AlexandraAssistant Scout LeaderPembroke Scout Troop
FITZSIMONS, Peter JamesProvisional - Cub Scout LeaderAldinga Bay Cub Pack 2 (Sea Dragons)
GILSON, Mark AlanAssistant Cub Scout LeaderBeaumont Cub Pack 2 (Kuburra)
GLEDHILL, Geraint MichaelCub Scout LeaderAldinga Bay Cub Pack 1 (Great Whites)
GOBBIE, Martyn CharlesCommittee (Quartermaster)Roxby Downs Scout Group
GOH, Geoffrey Seng HooiProvisional - Venturer LeaderPembroke Venturer Unit
GREAR, John KendallAssistant Scout LeaderCentennial Park Sea Scout Troop
HARPER, Lachlan RolloProvisional - Assistant Scout LeaderBeaumont Scout Troop (Thursday)
HAZEL, Kerry LynneActivity Leader (Archives)Archives Section Team
HEATHFIELD, JodyCub Scout LeaderBordertown Cub Pack
HENSTRIDGE, Kerrie LouiseActivity LeaderComedy Capers Team
HOWARD, Lucy AnneCommittee SecretaryMurray Bridge Scout Group
IRVINE, RoseanneCommittee SecretaryAngle Vale Scout Group
JAMES, Paul AllynProvisional - Venturer LeaderBalhannah Venturer Unit (Grasby Park)
JENNINGS, Anthea JayneCommittee TreasurerMt Barker Scout Group
KEMP, Jeremy StuartTrainee - Activity LeaderEvent Support Team
KIRK, Wendy LeeAssistant Branch Commissioner (Archery)Archery Team
KLOSE, Marlene LieselAssistant Scout LeaderMt Lofty Scout Troop 1 (Wednesday)
KNUDSEN, Paal HCub Scout LeaderHope Valley Cub Pack 2 (Thursday)
LAING, Lynn MareeAssistant Scout LeaderDarlington Scout Troop
LAMACRAFT, Freya RachelleBRC Executive (BRC Treasurer)Branch Rover Council
LAWLESS, CaitlinTrainee - Assistant Joey Scout LeaderMt Lofty Joey Mob 1 (Thursday)
LIGHT, Shaun JamesAssistant Cub Scout LeaderLone Cub Pack
LLOYD, Megan SharronCommittee (Fundraising)Pembroke Scout Group
MAGNUSSON, Tim IanCommittee (Member)Blackwood Scout Group
MARTENS, JaiProvisional - Assistant Branch Commissioner (Archery)Archery Team
MATTHEWS, Gavin AndrewJoey Scout LeaderOne Tree Hill Joey Mob (Wednesday)
MCCAULEY, Andrew RogerCommittee ChairpersonBeaumont Scout Group
MCGUINNESS, Samantha JaneProvisional - Assistant Joey Scout LeaderDarlington Joey Mob
MCKEE, Julie-AnneAssistant Scout LeaderSalisbury 1st Scout Troop 1 (Wednesday)
MCKELLAR-STEWART, MandyStaff (SAHQ)South Australian Branch
MCNEILL, Kirsty JaneProvisional - Group LeaderKidman Park Scout Group
MEDDER, PamelaCommittee SecretarySalisbury 1st Scout Group
METCALFE, James CameronRoverFlash Rover Crew
MINUZZO, Steven GeoffreyProvisional - Assistant Venturer LeaderBeaumont Venturer Unit (Rowallan)
MIOTTI, Robert AnthonyCub Scout LeaderFullarton 1st/2nd Cub Pack
MOFFATT, Philip McGregorAssistant Scout LeaderMurray Bridge Scout Troop
MOHRING, Siegfried WalterCommittee ChairpersonMoonta Scout Group
MORGAN, Mariane FayCommitteeMurray Bridge Scout Group
MORRISON, Veronica AnnCommittee SecretaryAroona Scout Group
OAK, Valery SusanAssistant Cub Scout LeaderPembroke Cub Pack
PEARCE, Wayne RaymondProvisional - Scout LeaderKilkenny Scout Troop
PHILLIPS, Ben MehtaAssistant Venturer LeaderDarlington Venturer Unit
PROCHAZKA, ToniCommittee TreasurerBlackwood Scout Group
RAE, JaneCommittee SecretaryKilkenny Scout Group
RICHTER, Sean PeterProvisional - Assistant Venturer LeaderFullarton 1st/2nd Venturer Unit
ROBBINS, Jasmin ClaireProvisional - Assistant Branch Commissioner (Scouts-Leadership)Scout Section Team
ROBERTS, SylkeAdult HelperNorthridge Para Vista Scout Group
SALMOND, Daniel MichaelRover AdviserFlash Rover Crew
SIMONS, Daniel ChristopherProvisional - Assistant Scout LeaderMt Lofty Scout Troop 1 (Wednesday)
SMITH, Patrick KevinProvisional - Activity LeaderCommunications Team
TERPSTRA, Laura MegAssistant Cub Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Cub Pack 3 (Tarnda)
TERRY, Andrew MartinCommittee (Maintenance)Flagstaff Hill Scout Group
TIMBERLAKE, Jason HughAssistant Cub Scout LeaderBlackwood Cub Pack 2 (Tuesday)
TREMAIN, Emma LouiseVenturer LeaderPt Noarlunga Sea Venturer Unit (Wednesday)
VINE, Rhiannon HayleyRoverFlash Rover Crew
VOIGT, Shaun MervynVenturer LeaderOne Tree Hill Venturer Unit
WARIN, AlexanderExecutive (BRC Activities)Branch Rover Council
WATKINS, Jarred JonTrainee - Assistant Venturer LeaderDarlington Venturer Unit
WEBB, Julie RossalynMembership OfficerFlagstaff Hill Scout Group
WHEATON, Jeffrey PhillipProvisional - Scout LeaderEden Hills Scout Troop 1 (Thursday)
WOODROW, Peter NormanAssistant Scout LeaderBlackwood Scout Troop (Wednesday)


COOMBE, Matthew EdwardAdult HelperMotorsport Team
PERRY, Paul James MatthewRover AdviserBuffalo Rover Crew
PHILLIPS, Toby MehtaFellowship LeaderBranch Fellowship Team
ROY, Cameron KinnochActivity LeaderCaving Section Team
STONE, Julian Mark WilliamProvisional - Branch Commissioner (Communications)Communications Team
TREMAIN, Andrew Ian JohnCommittee TreasurerElectronics Team
VILANOVA, Lauren Blythe MarjorieProvisional - Assistant Branch Commissioner (Rovers)Rover Section Team