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New Television Commercials

25 May 2019

We are proud to launch our new Television Commercials showcasing the awesome fun and adventure you can have at Scouts whether you are 5, 25 or 75



02 May 2019

A moving video of Scouts and other youth at the City of Playford ANZAC vigil and Dawn Service


Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre

18 Mar 2019

Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre. Read the message from Scouts SA.


Adult Recognition Awards 2018

On 'World Scout Day' Scouts Australia (SA Branch) would like to recognise the outstanding achievement and contributions to the Scouting Movement, of Leaders and Supporters of Scouting who have been awarded Adult Recognition Awards on 1 August 2018.

The South Australian Branch Chief Commissioner Harry Long and SA President Mr Paul Dickson thank these adults for their dedication and commitment to Scouting on behalf of the many thousands of Scouts, both past and present.


Further distinguished service of around 4-5 years since the award of the Silver Koala

GRANT, Brett DarrylProvisional - Activity LeaderPolice Scouters Team
HARVEY, Janette LorraineCommittee TreasurerBeadell District
LEWER, Robert JamesAssistant Branch Commissioner (Cub Scouts)Cub Scout Section Team
MOTT, Valerie LouiseGroup LeaderRidgehaven Scout Group
PHILLIPS, Caroline AllisonProject Commissioner (Fundamentals)Fundamentals Team
STEVENS, Roy WilliamProvisional - Adventurous Activities LeaderPaddling Team
USHER, Wayne AlanDistrict CommissionerBeadell District
WALL, Jacqueline AnnAssistant Branch Commissioner (Finance)Finance Team


for Distinguished Service to the Scout Movement

HASTWELL, Kathrine LouiseStaff (SAHQ)South Australian Branch
KEMP, Robert HenryActivity LeaderEvent Support Team
RICHARDSON, Albert CliffordVolunteerWoodhouse Camping Centre


Distinguished service to the Association for a period of at least 14 years

BERRY-SMITH, PeterExecutive (President)Social and Service Group
BLACKWELL, Carlene JGroup LeaderBordertown Scout Group
BROUGHTON, Dianne ElizabethGroup LeaderSeaford Meadows Scout Group
CAPON, Nicola MaryGroup LeaderBelair Scout Group
DRECKOW, Lindsay WilliamProgram Adviser (Scouts)Scout Section Team
FREDERICK, Simon RussellAssistant Chief Commissioner (Training & Program Support)South Australian Branch
HUTCHINS, Paul AnthonyActivity LeaderMotorsport Team
JOHNSON, Kelly GayeAssistant Branch Commissioner (Training)Leader Training Team
KALAITZIS, John NicholasBranch Commissioner (Cub Scouts)Cub Scout Section Team
LOWRIE, John FrederickAssistant Chief Commissioner (Adventurous Scout Activities)South Australian Branch
MCLEAN, Adam DavidBranch Commissioner (VET)Training & Program Support Teams
MOYES, Carolyn JeanGroup LeaderMt Gambier 1st Scout Group
PEARCE, Jennifer RoseCub Scout LeaderBlackwood Cub Pack 3 (Thursday)
READ, Jennifer KayAssistant Group LeaderAthelstone Scout Group


for Outstanding Service to the Scout Movement

BRYKER, AndrewCommitteeNorthridge Para Vista Scout Group
DAVIS, Karen FrancesAdult HelperGang Show Team
KORNER, Owen RonaldCommittee TreasurerHappy Valley Scout Group
MARINO, AngelaStaff (SAHQ)South Australian Branch


Outstanding service to the Association for a period of at least 10 years.

AKKERMANS, Andrew JamesAssistant Cub Scout LeaderFullarton 1st/2nd Scout Group
BAKER, Alan RaymondAssistant Cub Scout LeaderPt Noarlunga Sea Cub Pack 1 (Albatross)
BEVERLEY, Adrienne AlisonJoey Scout LeaderBlackwood Joey Mob (Tuesday)
BRUCE, Peter CharlesAssistant Scout LeaderGoodwood 3rd Scout Troop
BURKE, Phillip JamesAssistant Venturer LeaderGilberton Venturer Unit (Pine Forest)
ERNESTI, Christine JoyAssistant Group LeaderWhyalla Scout Group
GARTNER, Wayne JeffreyGroup LeaderPlayford Scout Group
GAUCI, Bruce RaymondAssistant Scout LeaderEdinburgh Park Scout Troop
KORNER, Ashlee NicolleCub Scout LeaderHappy Valley Cub Pack 1 (Pathfinder)
KORNER, Susan MaryGroup LeaderHappy Valley Scout Group
RAULT, Andrew ScottCub Scout LeaderBlack Forest Cub Pack
SHORT, Kirsty LeeProject Commissioner (AV2018)Venturer Section Team
SMITH, Matthew Sean EdwardProvisional - Branch Commissioner (Caving)Caving Section Team
TARGETT, Allan PeterProvisional - Program Adviser (Scouts)Scout Section Team
TREHEARNE, Paul StephenGroup LeaderBalhannah Scout Group
WALKER, Sharon JaniceJoey Scout LeaderHillcrest Joey Mob (Wednesday)
WOODS, Michelle AnneGroup LeaderAldinga Bay Scout Group


Meritorious or praiseworthy service to the Association for a period of at least 6 years.

AFFLECK, Kathryn AnneCub Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Cub Pack 1 (Kaurna)
BAUM, Dorothy IreneAdult HelperComedy Capers Team
BLACKWELL, Graham RonaldScout LeaderBordertown Scout Troop
BOWDEN, Lauren FrancesAssistant Joey Scout LeaderBelair Joey Mob (Monday)
BURKE, Barbara SophieGroup LeaderGilberton Scout Group
CAMERON-SMITH, Lara MicheleCub Scout LeaderBlackwood Cub Pack 2 (Tuesday)
CARMAN, Michelle LeesaVenturer LeaderReynella Venturer Unit
COLE, Christopher CharlesProvisional - Assistant Venturer LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Venturer Unit (Altamira)
CUMMINS, MaxineAssistant Cub Scout LeaderTwo Wells Cub Pack
DAVIS, Ewen LachlanAdult HelperGang Show Team
EATON, Wallace ReginaldAdult HelperComedy Capers Team
ELLIS, Shelley JaneGroup LeaderPt Augusta Scout Group
ENGLISH, Rachel JeanProvisional - Assistant Group LeaderGolden Grove Scout Group
GORHAM, KendylAssistant Venturer LeaderPt Noarlunga Sea Venturer Unit (Wednesday)
GRUNDY, Stephen JamesAffiliate MemberBranch Fellowship Team
HUE, CallumAssistant Venturer LeaderHope Valley Venturer Unit (Beefacres)
KIESWETTER, Jodie MarieAssistant Scout LeaderStradbroke Scout Troop
KILPATRICK, Adam DaleProgram Adviser (Venturers)Venturer Section Team
LUSH, JoanneAssistant Scout LeaderVictor Harbor Sea Scout Troop
MARINO, CarmineActivity Leader (Fundamentals)Fundamentals Team
MORCOM, Darrell RichardDistrict CommissionerRidley District
MOUNKLEY, DarrenAssistant Scout LeaderEden Hills Scout Troop 1 (Thursday)
MULLER, Colin Arthur SydneyBranch Commissioner (Branch Resources)Branch Resources Teams
OSWALD, Daniel JamesCub Scout LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Cub Pack
PEZZOTTA, SilvanoAssistant Scout LeaderCollege Park Scout Troop
PICKEN, Jake DylanAssistant Joey Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Joey Mob 1 (Ingarnendi)
REED, Mary-AnnAssistant Group LeaderStrathalbyn Scout Group
RICHARDSON, Rebelle LeighProvisional - Group LeaderStreaky Bay Scout Group
RIDDLE, James Clifford CharlesProvisional - Group LeaderMt Barker Scout Group
ROATH, Heidi ElisabethProvisional - Adventurous Activities LeaderArchery Team
ROBERTSON, Ryan Edward DarrinAssistant Venturer LeaderBalhannah Venturer Unit (Grasby Park)
ROBINSON, Denise MargaretAdult HelperScouts Shouts Youth Theatre
ROBINSON, Michele LynetteAdult HelperScouts Shouts Youth Theatre
ROCHOW, Fiona JoyScout LeaderMt Gambier 1st Scout Troop 1 (Friday Flames)
SOUTHWOOD, Ann MarieAssistant Scout LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Scout Troop (Thursday)
TAYLER, Rebecca NancyCub Scout LeaderRoxby Downs Cub Pack
TREHEARNE, David JohnProvisional - Adventurous Activities LeaderRock Climbing Team
VINCENT, Jessica EileenJoey Scout LeaderHackham Joey Mob
VORMELKER, Cheryl AnnProvisional - Assistant Group LeaderFulham Sea Scout Group
WHITBY, Rodney JamesProvisional - Cub Scout LeaderMagill Cub Pack
WILKINSON, LeonieCommittee (Member)Salisbury 1st Scout Group
WILLISS, Adam DerekStaff (SAHQ)South Australian Branch


Noteworthy contribution to the success of their section or formation or to the wellbeing of Scouting – as a result of a period of at least 12 months intense effort.

ALKER, Jake LeonProject Commissioner (National Leadership Program)Youth Program Teams
BEESON, Simone LouisaJoey Scout LeaderRidgehaven Joey Mob 1 (Monday)
BOUGOURD, Danielle MoniqueProvisional - Assistant Joey Scout LeaderReynella Joey Mob (Wednesday)
BOYINGTON, Jamie TrevorCub Scout LeaderNaracoorte Cub Pack
BURNER, Alan RichardJoey Scout LeaderManor Farm Joey Mob (Monday)
CARR, JacquelineCommittee TreasurerWhyalla Scout Group
CHETTY, Kaylin CyrilAssistant Joey Scout LeaderRidgehaven Joey Mob 1 (Monday)
CHILD, Deidre JoyAdult HelperComedy Capers Team
CLARK, Rae AnnCub Scout LeaderPenola Cub Pack
CLIFFORD, Leigh PaulAssistant Scout LeaderSemaphore Scout Troop
COLE, Christine MicheleCommittee SecretaryNorthridge Para Vista Scout Group
CUTCHIE, Chisholm JonCub Scout LeaderCoonara Cub Pack
DOBSON, Nicki JoanProvisional - Scout LeaderReynella Scout Troop
FITZPATRICK, Jayne KatherineProvisional - Venturer LeaderFullarton 1st/2nd Venturer Unit
FLOWER, Garry ThomasProvisional - Joey Scout LeaderStradbroke Joey Mob
FORD, Robyn KayeCommittee TreasurerTwo Wells Scout Group
FRANKLIN, Lily JeanAssistant Joey Scout LeaderDarlington Joey Mob
FREDERICK, Catherine JaneAssistant Scout LeaderOne Tree Hill Scout Troop (Thursday)
GASKIN, Cherie NicoleJoey Scout LeaderRoxby Downs Joey Mob
GOODY, Barry NicholasAdult HelperRenmark Cub Pack
GRAHAM, Bernadette MayAssistant Cub Scout LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Cub Pack
GRIMSHAW, Reece CharlesBRC Executive (BRC Promotions Officer)Branch Rover Council
GROOM, John CalvinAssistant Cub Scout LeaderFulham Sea Cub Pack
HANAN, Gary IanGroup LeaderSalisbury Heights Sea Scout Group
HARDBOTTLE, Gerard FrancisAssistant Cub Scout LeaderPt Augusta Cub Pack
HARDING, BrynnelleProvisional - Project Commissioner (Messengers of Peace)International Team
HARDING, Penelope CarolActivity Leader (Messengers of Peace)Youth Program Teams
HARVEY, Todd Anthony RobertAssistant Scout LeaderMt Lofty Scout Troop 1 (Wednesday)
HELLINGS, Cathy LouiseCommittee (Property)Ridgehaven Scout Group
HEWITT, James AlecAssistant Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Scout Troop 2 (Jindalee)
HILL, Rhys ErnstProvisional - Joey Scout LeaderMagill Joey Mob
HOOPER, Felicity JaneAssistant Joey Scout LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Joey Mob (Wednesday)
HOOPER, Micheline DawnCommittee (Member)Northridge Para Vista Scout Group
HOSKIN, Jamie ScottCub Scout LeaderHallett Cove Cub Pack 1 (Thursday)
JACOBSON, Nicholas DridanAssistant Joey Scout LeaderFullarton 1st/2nd Joey Mob
KAJEWSKI, Adrienne JenniferAssistant Scout LeaderBlackwood Scout Troop (Wednesday)
KEEN, Jeffrey MarkAdult HelperReynella Scout Group
KNIGHTS, Donna LouiseCub Scout LeaderKidman Park Cub Pack 1 (Monday)
KRANIXFELD, Daniel ShaneProvisional - Assistant Group LeaderSeaford Meadows Scout Group
LI, Kwan Kau QueenieCub Scout LeaderCollege Park Cub Pack 1 (Monday)
LINSCOTT, Andrew MarkAdult HelperScouts Shouts Youth Theatre
LONG, Christopher RossActivity LeaderPolice Scouters Team
MAC, Nicholas PeterAssistant Venturer LeaderFlagstaff Hill Venturer Unit
MCCALLUM, Samantha IreneProvisional - Joey Scout LeaderSemaphore Joey Mob (Tuesday)
MCINNIS, Philip CharlesAssistant Cub Scout LeaderHope Valley Cub Pack 2 (Thursday)
MCNICOL, Sharon ElaineCommittee TreasurerAscot Park Scout Group
MOUGHNIE, HadiBranch Commissioner (Group Support (Central))Districts Teams
O'NEILL, Fiona AnneCommittee TreasurerFlagstaff Hill Scout Group
OWNSWORTH, Chad Neville JohnScout LeaderOne Tree Hill Scout Troop (Thursday)
PEARCE, Jenny Assistant Cub Scout LeaderPt Lincoln 1st Cub Pack
POWELL, Gary RaymondScout LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Scout Troop (Thursday)
PREVOST, Karen JulieScout LeaderAngle Vale Scout Troop
RANKIN, Karen AnnProvisional - Cub Scout LeaderSemaphore Cub Pack (Tuesday)
REISSENWEBER, Shelley KayeCommittee ChairpersonBalhannah Scout Group
ROSE, Brendan IanCommittee ChairpersonFlagstaff Hill Scout Group
ROWE, Leiuanna TeresaJoey Scout LeaderPt Augusta Joey Mob
SHARPE, Wendy NicoleCommittee ChairpersonTwo Wells Scout Group
SHATTELL, Andrew JohnAssistant Group LeaderGawler Scout Group
SHEPHERD, Colin DerekAssistant Branch Commissioner (Performing Arts)Performing Arts Teams
SHEPPERD, Kerrie LouiseProvisional - Group LeaderTaperoo Sea Scout Group
SMITH, Peter Alexander RossAdult HelperEvent Support Team
STARKEY, Louisa JaneAssistant Branch Commissioner (International-SISEP)International Team
STONE, Kirsty NicoleAssistant Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Scout Troop 1 (Karkanya)
TIESMAN, Robert FrancisAssistant Cub Scout LeaderAngle Vale Cub Pack
TUCKWELL, John RichardAdult Helper (Woodhouse)Event Support Team
VOJNOVIC, NadineProvisional - Joey Scout LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Joey Mob (Wednesday)
WALDEN, Christopher JohnAssistant Scout LeaderAngle Vale Scout Troop
WILLIAMS, Emily LouiseTrainee - Assistant Cub Scout LeaderRidgehaven Cub Pack 2 (Wednesday)
WILLIS, DarrenProvisional - Scout LeaderMt Lofty Scout Troop 1 (Wednesday)
WILLIS, Peter JohnProvisional - Branch Commissioner (Rock Climbing)Rock Climbing Team
WILSON, Anthony ScottCommittee ChairpersonHappy Valley Scout Group
WYSCHNJA, Benjamin JohnAssistant Scout LeaderHappy Valley Scout Troop (Jikara)


BURKE, Matthew JamesProvisional - Venturer LeaderKilkenny Venturer Unit
LAMACRAFT, Freya RachelleBRC Executive (BRC Treasurer)Branch Rover Council
MATTHEWS, Gavin AndrewProvisional - Branch Commissioner (Inclusion)Inclusion Team
METCALFE, Catherine LisaProject Commissioner (Rovers (Centenary))Rover Section Team
VINE, Rhiannon HayleyRoverFlash Rover Crew