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Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre

18 Mar 2019

Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre. Read the message from Scouts SA.





Scouts SA are taking Work health and safety seriously!


As a diverse and dynamic organisation, the activities of our volunteers, parents, workers, and especially the children, creates and supports the reputation Scouts SA has for making an extremely valuable contribution in our community.
In acceptance of our role in contributing to the future of our children and the community, Scouts Australia continues to learn from and improve on its Work, Health and Safety program and performance.
Underpinning our health and safety program are three key principles:
1.    We are a community that values each worker, youth and adult’s positive contribution to our health and safety performance.
2.    Our health and safety performance is the result of defined and directed management.
3.    No person is subject to any illness or injury as a result of our activities.
There have been occasions where things don’t go to plan and people have been injured.
An incident occurred in May 2015 whereby an employee of Scouts Recycling Centre was injured when a forklift ran over his foot, causing a crush injury resulting in a compound fracture of the right foot. Clearly, we didn’t achieve the third principle.
As an outcome of this incident was that Scouts Recycling was found to have breached of sections 19, 32 and 39 of the Work Health Act 2012. In recognition of this breach Scouts SA has entered into an Enforceable Undertaking with SafeWork SA. The Enforceable Undertaking is an agreement between Scouts SA and the regulator in which Scouts SA agrees to rectify an alleged contravention of the Work Health and Safety Act and improve work health and safety outcomes and performance.
There are a range of activities required by Scouts SA in this undertaking. Some of these activities have already been completed, whilst others will run in perpetuity.
These activities include:
·       Inclusion of risk management responsibilities and accountabilities in position description
·       Communication of the enforceable undertaking to employees, members, industry, and other interested stakeholders.
·       Implementation of a WHS Management System.
·       Targeted health and safety training
·       Employment of an in-house health and safety professional
·       Regular Health and Safety Auditing of commercial activities against Australian Standards
·       Ongoing monitoring by SafeWork SA
The Enforceable Undertaking is one of the methods by which our Branch Executive Committee and senior managers acknowledge past issues, revisit the three key principles underpinning our work health and safety program and put in place defined actions.
In 2012, well prior to this incident, Scouts SA reviewed and developed our, then current WHS Framework in response to the National harmonised WHS legislation. This framework encompasses all scout halls, campsites, workshops and our businesses. Since the 2012 introduction of the National WHS legislation we have:
·       Conducted regular external and internal WHS inspections of all our sites.
·       Employed a Risk and Compliance Manager and a WHS Officer.
·       Constantly reviewed procedures and processes for all our Scouting and commercial activities.
·       Developed the Scouts Australia, National WHS Policy and Framework and Dan Ryan, our CEO is the Chairperson of the Scouts Australia National Risk Management Committee.
It is fair to say that Scouts SA are leading the way in WHS management within Scouting in Australia. All of this focus helps maintain a safe and healthy environment in which our young people can grow and develop into the leaders of tomorrow.
(This presentation is a summary of a presentation made to the Recyclers Association of SA by General manager Scout Recycling Warren Stone in February 2018. )  
 The full Enforceable Undertaking is available on the Safework SA Website