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09 Jan 2020

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12 Dec 2019

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10 Dec 2019

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Flourish twenty14

Share the Vision



Saturday 14th June saw over 300 Scouting volunteers gather for Flourish twenty14 – ‘Share the Vision’ a day that presented some internationally-acclaimed key note speakers to share their experiences and knowledge.
Andrew Lock OAM (current National Ambassador for Scouts Australia) began proceedings with an inspirational presentation about how he achieved his goal of climbing all of the world’s 8000m mountain peaks in the face of overwhelming odds, danger and risk.  When he said, “Scouting gave me the basic skills needed for me to achieve my goals in life and that leaders taught me to plan and prepare for responsible risk taking” there was an awe in the room. Andrew went on to say that
·      Adversity is what makes our goals a challenge.
·      A challenge is what makes it worth doing.
We were left feeling that we could all tackle anything that came our way and we will not give up unless the risk is unacceptable.
Dr Michael Carr-Gregg had leaders amazed about some of the very real, but hidden, psychological challenges that are facing young people today.  However, against that backdrop, he spoke of how such adversity can be overcome with a positive approach and how Scouting is in a unique position to be an organisation that can provide a very real solution to such issues. Utilising the ‘Aims and Principles’ Scouts can teach resilience, positive psychology and optimism.
If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.
Mark McCrindle provided a fascinating insight into past and emerging societal and cultural shifts in Australia from technological advances through to how communities and people interact.  He painted a picture of what the shape of Australia could look like in coming years and identified strategic gaps where Scouting could take imminent advantage to fit both human and community needs. Scouts can transition young people from childhood to adulthood by teaching them resilience. Current trends are for ‘Learn by Doing’ and this is what Scouting does well and as communities change, Scouting will become a point of connection for families.
Neil Fuller OAM provided a spine tingling presentation of his personal challenges in overcoming massive obstacles in life to become the very best that he could be.  It was a presentation about overcoming adversity and rising from the “lowest of the lows” in life.  Neil has lived his life with the 3D’s, desire, discipline & determination. This has enabled him to move through adversity and pain because he had goals. 
He said “ You can’t control everything but,
·      You can control how you perform,
·      You can do your best,
·      You can believe to achieve and
·      You can do the best you can today”.
Amanda Gore ended Flourish twenty14  ‘Share the Vision’ with a positive bang!  Her presentation on using emotions to change a workplace for the better was as entertaining as it was humorous.  She threw out the challenge to everyone to facilitate “Joy” in his or her respective places in Scouting and this was embraced with contagious enthusiasm. Certainly this will be the first thing attempted this week by all who attended! Do you have on your grateful glasses? Are you a “spirit igniter” or a “foofer”?
Indeed, the word ‘Flourish’ is most appropriate for Scouts SA moving forward.  We are all about creating an environment where our members can learn to experience a sense of well being, and in doing so, we will help our youth to be resilient and grow into the best that they can be.  In the meantime, the Chief Commissioner hopes that you will Share the Vision and keep an eye out for future initiatives to build on this theme.