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Adult Recognition Awards 2020

01 Aug 2020

Scouts Australia (SA Branch) would like to recognise the outstanding achievement and contributions to the Scouting Movement, of Leaders and Supporters of Scouting who have been awarded Adult Recognition Awards on 1 August.


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10 Dec 2019

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Leaders  Frequently
Asked Questions

How do I take the first step?
If you are interested in becoming a Youth Leader in a specific Group, they will give you an Adult Membership Application form, simply fill that in and follow the directions!

If you are new to Scouts fill in the online membership form or call or membership department on 1800SCOUTS or  (08)8130 6000

Why do I have to have a police check?
To ensure the safety of our Youth Members all Adults in Scouting, including Leaders of Youth, Leaders of Adults, Activity Leaders, and regular Parent Helpers all have police checks. Scouts Australia is leading the way in child protection in Australia.
In addition to a Police Check all Leaders in Scouting are expected to undertake Child Protection Training.

What training do I have to do?
That depends on the type of Leader you are going to become. If you cant find the answer to the question in these pages then please use the contact details as above or send an e-mail to

How much will it cost me?
In most cases the training is covered buy the Group or section or district that you will become a team member of but this varies from Group to Group so check with your PLA (Personal Leader Adviser) or Group Leader.

Do I have to wear a Uniform?
Yes. There are many reasons for the Scout Uniform to be worn - see the section under uniform for more information.

I don't have time to be a Leader full time, what else can I do?
We are looking for regular parent Helpers, Committee Members, Activity Leaders and so many more! The roles of Adults are as varied as they are fun! We need everything from Mud makers to Scuba Diving instructors  If you just want to help out at the occasional event or still be involved in Scouts in a more casual way then perhaps The Branch Fellowship Team might be the way to go for you!

Contact our membership department at or speak to your Group or District Leader if you have a special skill or have time to contribute to Scouts

How much time do I need to commit?
Again, that depends on the role you choose to accept.
Youth Leaders attend regular meeting nights with their Youth, attend district training and networking meetings (usually four a year, attend training, go on camps, sleepovers and adventurous activities

But the amount of time you need depends on your level of commitment, your Groups support and the wishes of your Youth Members, it is possible for some Leaders to share the responsibilities to lighten the load. Speak to your Group Leader to discuss your level of commitment and how to make it work for you and your Youth Members.

Career prospects through Scouting?
Leaders can qualify for the Certificate III in after Basic Training and Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management) on completion of Advanced Training.
A Diploma of Leadership can be the next step.
Senior First Aid Certificates and Child Protection Training might also prove valuable to some employers.

What are my obligations as an Adult Leader?
You will be expected to

  • Attend regular Youth meetings
  • Plan and Run Youth Meetings
  • Undertake Scout Training
  • Undertake First Aid and Child Protection Training
  • Understand the Aims, Principals and Methods of Scouting (these are explained in the training)
  • Take the Scout Promise
  • Live by the  Adult Scout Code of Conduct

Where can I get help if I need it?
When you begin training you will be assigned a PLA or Personal Leader Adviser who you can call at any time for help other resources include;

  • Other Leaders in your Group
  • District Leaders
  • Training Team
  • Sectional Manuals and Program Guides
  • ERICA - Leader intranet resources
  • Conferences
  • The Award Scheme Books
  • Scouts SA Headquarters

I have never been involved and I dont know anything about Scouts.Can I still do it?
Don't worry, lots of new Leaders have never been in Scouts before, That's why training helps.

How do I look after other peoples children?
That's easy if you follow the Scout Methods and Procedures, it's all explained in training, the more you know the more confidence you will get. We don't throw you in to the deep end alone! You will have experienced adults to supervise and help you as you go along.

What Special Skills do I need?
The ability to have fun and the willingness to learn! Anything else we can train you in! You can even pick up extra skills such as sailing, canoeing, abseiling.... But if you don't want to we can find you trained Leaders to help your Youth access the activity with other Trained Leaders.

Can I join now?
Yes! Fill in our online membership form here or speak to your Group Leader today!