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Hoporee, ANZAC, AJ2019 and Leadership courses

07 Feb 2017

Great opportunities exist for volunteer roles with Scouts SA. PC Scouts Australia Leadership program, Hoporee team, Contingent Leader AJ2019 and PC ANZAC open for application


AJ2019 Site Announced

01 Dec 2016

AJ2019 Site Announced today by the Hon Leon Bignell, SA Minister for Tourism


Adult Recognition Award nominations

23 Nov 2016

Awards nominations for recognition of Good Service to Scouts Australia are now open


Your Ideas for 2017!

28 Apr 2016

The Scout Program is Youth Led, Adult Supported. We're after your ideas for 2017!


Fiji Scouts attend AJ2016 

Scouts SA and Fiji Scouts partnership


As part of our ongoing support of Fiji, Scouts SA are proud to assist 13 Scouts and 4 Leaders to attend AJ2016. These Scouts have a rare opportunity to travel overseas, and make new international friends by living in a Jamboree Troop with their Scouting brothers and sisters from Australia. Spread across four South Australian Troops, the Fijians bring enthusiasm and excitement and love to swap stories with the Aussies in their Patrols. Scouting in Fiji is quite different to Australia, so most Scouts don’t get the chance to attend an event like our Jamborees in Australia.

There are also many cultural differences and the Scouts have the chance to experience what life is like for Australian children as well as share their own customs with us. You can find out more about Fiji by visiting the International Centre in the Mall.