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Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre

18 Mar 2019

Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre. Read the message from Scouts SA.


Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre


 Dear Scout Member,
You may be aware from recent media that the Adelaide 36ers have decided to move their home games from The Titanium Security Arena to The Entertainment Centre.
As half owners of the Titanium Security Arena, Scouts SA is very disappointed to lose the home games of the Adelaide 36ers. When we bought the Arena, we did so in the best interests of basketball in South Australia, and to protect the home of the Adelaide 36ers.
The Adelaide 36ers have decided that its home-game future is at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. For the record, we currently provide the Arena to the Adelaide 36ers at the most favourable rates in Basketball across Australia.
After saying this, we very much respect the fact that the Adelaide 36ers must make commercial decisions in its best interest, and this is the principal reason why it sought our further help to exit from the remaining two-year lease with us. We have assisted the Adelaide 36ers with very favourable break-costs.
We wish the Adelaide 36ers all the very best for the future and encourage all their fans to attend the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to assist them in this transition.
Scouts SA, in conjunction with the other owner of the Adelaide Arena, will now explore other options for the property however, in the meantime, the Adelaide 36ers will continue to use the Adelaide Arena as their training and administrative home. Titanium Security Arena will also still be the home of The Adelaide Lightning.
It is important to us that the Adelaide 36ers continue to be a viable and strong South Australian icon.
We are delighted with our association with the Adelaide 36ers and the Arena over the last 9 years. ‘Scouting’ has certainly benefited greatly from this association and we believe we have also been strong and loyal supporters of the Club.   
  • Since our purchase of the Adelaide Arena, Scouting has received well over $350k in income - this income has been directed to Woodhouse, Scouting Activity and to our developmental budget lines. All directly back to our 'program'. 
  • We have also received well in excess of $2m in, direct and indirect advertising and marketing benefit - directly relating to our logo and the Team.
  • We have been able to put Scouts 'on display' at half time in front of thousands of South Australians at least once per Basketball season.
  • Adelaide 36er Players have visited and engaged with our youth members at the Royal Show, various opening ceremonies, AJ2019 and other events.
  • We have used (and will continue to use) the Adelaide Arena for kids, Staging areas for the Venture, The Cohen Cup, our AGM, our Branch Awards Ceremonies, Leader and Managers of Scouting Conferences, Interstate Scouting dignitaries, and, the Corporate Box for The Governor, Potential Bequest Givers, Jamboree Sponsors, Members of Parliament and Local Councillors, also as a 'Thank You Evening' for over 1,000 Volunteers, and to engage our corporate partners and patrons. We have also handed out 1,000s of free tickets to games to Scout Groups and individuals.
  • The Adelaide Arena has more than tripled in capital value since our ownership.
At every level, our purchase of the Arena, has been a great success story for Scouting - helping us grow as an organisation; deriving great sponsorship and usage benefits for free, and, helping us expand our 'awareness' and 'reach' across the South Australian community.
It is sad that the Adelaide 36ers are moving to the Entertainment Centre for their home games, but this opens the door for new possibilities and potentially even greater returns for Scouting in South Australia.
Dan Ryan
Scouts SA