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Adult Recognition Awards 2019

01 Aug 2019

Scouts Australia (SA Branch) would like to recognise the outstanding achievement and contributions to the Scouting Movement, of Leaders and Supporters of Scouting who have been awarded Adult Recognition Awards on 1 August.


World Scout Jamboree

24 Jul 2019

Check out the amazing adventure of 650 Australian Scouts as they join 50,000 Scouts from 160 countries in West Virginia, USA


Scouts SA 2019 Annual Report

20 Jul 2019

Read the Scouts SA 2019 Annual Report online today


Scouts SA 2019 Annual Report

20 Jul 2019


Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre

18 Mar 2019

Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre. Read the message from Scouts SA.


Adult Recognition Awards 2019

On 'World Scout Day' Scouts Australia (SA Branch) would like to recognise the outstanding achievement and contributions to the Scouting Movement, of Leaders and Supporters of Scouting who have been awarded Adult Recognition Awards on 1 August 2019.

The South Australian Branch Chief Commissioner Harry Long and SA President Mr Paul Dickson thank these adults for their dedication and commitment to Scouting on behalf of the many thousands of Scouts, both past and present.

To view the National listing of awards please click here


Eminent achievement and exceptional service over a long period or for a unique and highly valued contribution to the wellbeing of Scouting

TURNER, Colin RonaldBranch Commissioner (Air Activities)Air Activities Team


Further distinguished service of around 4-5 years since the award of the Silver Koala

DERBYSHIRE, JohnProject Commissioner (Chiefs Advisory Panel)South Australian Branch
MADELEY, Christopher Charles SidneyAssistant Scout LeaderBlackwood Scout Troop (Wednesday)
MILLER, Bridget AnnProvisional - Adventurous Activities LeaderBoating Team
TAYLOR, Mark ChristopherService AuxiliarySocial and Service Group
WATERMAN, Dorothy MaeProvisional - Assistant Group LeaderHillcrest Scout Group
WHITTENBURY, Brenton RossAssistant District Commissioner (Finance)Adelaide Foothills District
WISE, ChristopherDeputy Chief CommissionerSouth Australian Branch


for Distinguished Service to the Scout Movement

BRAGG, Jennifer PriscillaAdult HelperComedy Capers Team


Distinguished service to the Association for a period of at least 14 years

BANKS, Andrea SusanProgram Adviser (Scouts)Scout Section Team
BATES, Chris MarkSupporting MemberSupporting Members Fellowship
BRYKER, DonaldAssistant Venturer LeaderSeaford Meadows Venturer Unit (Intentcity)
BUTLER, Wendy RaeGroup LeaderMoonta Scout Group
CADDY, Brian AlastairActivity LeaderPolice Scouters Team
HOLECEK, Brian ThomasDistrict CommissionerLone District
IND, Desmond FrederickLife MemberLife Members Fellowship
JACKSON, Raymond ArthurProvisional - Program Adviser (Scouts)Scout Section Team
KALLIN, Brett RossScout LeaderEdinburgh Park Scout Troop
ROATH, DerekBranch Commissioner (Archery)Archery Team
RYAN, Bernard GregoryService AuxiliarySocial and Service Group
WALL, Craig AndrewBranch Commissioner (Boating)Boating Team
WILLIAMS, Brian PeterScout LeaderAngaston 2nd Scout Troop
WILLIAMS, Paul MartynScout LeaderAngaston 2nd Scout Troop
WRIGHT, Ann SharonAssistant District CommissionerHeysen District


for Outstanding Service to the Scout Movement

BOLTON, Donald AndrewSupporting MemberSupporting Members Fellowship
LINDSAY, Karen MaryAdult HelperComedy Capers Team


Outstanding service to the Association for a period of at least 10 years.

BEER SMITH, Rebecca ChristinaBranch Commissioner (Joey Scouts)Joey Scout Section Team
CARR, Stephen AnthonyGroup LeaderWhyalla Scout Group
CARTER, James StevenDistrict CommissionerAdelaide Foothills District
DREDGE, Craig ColinScout LeaderAberfoyle Park Scout Troop
GOLDFINCH, Ian LeslieAssistant District CommissionerMawson District
HAESE, Marlene NatashaAssistant Chief Commissioner (Resources)South Australian Branch
HAWKLESS, Cory Neil JamesBranch Commissioner (Performing Arts)Performing Arts Teams
HOOPER, John UgoBranch Commissioner (Venturers)Venturer Section Team
HOPPENBROUWERS, LeighAssistant Scout LeaderEden Hills Scout Troop 1 (Wednesday)
HUFFA, Helen AnnAssistant Scout LeaderBelair Scout Troop (Friday)
HUFFA, Lewis JohnAssistant Scout LeaderBelair Scout Troop (Friday)
JACHMANN, Angela BeverleyDistrict CommissionerThree Rivers District
KIESWETTER, Jodie MarieAssistant Scout LeaderStradbroke Scout Troop
LEE, Amanda JaneProvisional - Branch Commissioner (Paddling)Paddling Team
MCCALLUM, Margaret RomaProvisional - Assistant Branch Commissioner (Boating - Events)Boating Team
MEYER, Andrew JohnAssistant Scout LeaderAldinga Bay Scout Troop
MILLER, Christopher JohnGroup LeaderHope Valley Scout Group
NELSON, Rebecca AmiProvisional - Assistant Branch Commissioner (Joey Scouts)Joey Scout Section Team
OSWALD, Daniel JamesCub Scout LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Cub Pack
PHILLIPS, Jean MoragAdult HelperGang Show Team
SIMPSON, Wendy NicolaCub Scout LeaderRidgehaven Cub Pack 1 (Tuesday)
STONE, Julian Mark WilliamJoey Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Joey Mob 2 (Kuraka)
SUTTON, Darren JamesScout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Scout Troop 1 (Karkanya)
TREMAIN, Andrew Ian JohnAssistant Branch Commissioner (Electronics (Operations))Electronics Team
VILANOVA, Lauren Blythe MarjorieBranch Commissioner (Rovers)Rover Section Team
WALL, Helen Josephine
WALTON, Kym LeaneAffiliate MemberBranch Fellowship Team
WARNER, Dianne KayeProvisional - Assistant Scout LeaderWaikerie Scout Troop
WOODS, Glenn AndrewAssistant Scout LeaderAldinga Bay Scout Troop


Meritorious or praiseworthy service to the Association for a period of at least 6 years.

ANDARY, Tullal
BATTAMS, Amy Suzanne MarieDistrict CommissionerHills to Coast District
BERLEMON, Peter WillemAffiliate MemberBranch Fellowship Team
BOTTROFF, Melissa KellyCub Scout LeaderSalisbury 1st Cub Pack 1 (Tuesday)
BOURNE, HannahProvisional - Assistant Chief Commissioner (Youth Advocacy)South Australian Branch
BRADFORD, Neil DonaldProvisional - Venturer LeaderCollege Park Venturer Unit
BRISTOW, Dani-Lee SamaraJoey Scout LeaderWhyalla Joey Mob
CARR, Kathryn MarjorieCub Scout LeaderWhyalla Cub Pack
CRAWFORD, Judith AnnMembership OfficerScouts Shouts Youth Theatre
DALTON, Alexandra BreanneRoverHavac Rover Unit
FORBES-WHITE, Heather JaneAdult HelperFlagstaff Hill Scout Troop 1 (Karkanya)
GEERLINGS, AdrianAdult HelperPerforming Arts Teams
GILSON, Mark AlanCub Scout LeaderBeaumont Cub Pack 2 (Kuburra)
GRAY, Madeleine JaneAssistant Cub Scout LeaderFullarton 1st/2nd Cub Pack
HALL, Justin AshleyAdult HelperGilberton Scout Group
HARDER, Chad VincentAssistant Scout LeaderMt Lofty Scout Troop 2 (Friday)
HARDING, Penelope CarolAffiliate MemberBranch Fellowship Team
HARPER, Lachlan RolloProvisional - Assistant Scout LeaderBeaumont Scout Troop (Thursday)
HIGHETT, Paul JosephProvisional - Group LeaderCollege Park Scout Group
HOBBS, Rebekah KayeAssistant Chief Commissioner (Youth Advocacy)South Australian Branch
JOHNSON, Kevin WilliamAssistant Scout LeaderBlackwood Scout Troop (Wednesday)
KINSMORE, Elise DawnBranch Commissioner (Land Yachting)Land Yachting Team
KIRK, Wendy LeeBranch Leader (Youth Program)Youth Program Teams
LILLEY, Deborah AnnActivity LeaderAJ2019 Organising Committee
MARTIN, Gregory AlanAdventurous Activities LeaderBoating Team
MAVROMARAS-GOODE, Sarah RosemaryCub Scout LeaderEden Hills Cub Pack 1 (Monday)
MCCALLUM, Samantha IreneProvisional - Adventurous Activities LeaderAdventurous Scout Activities Teams
MORGAN, Darryl ClydeProvisional - Assistant Group LeaderMorphett Vale Scout Group
NEWTON, Simon MatthewCub Scout LeaderHope Valley Cub Pack 2 (Thursday)
PHILLIPS, Graham JohnDistrict CommissionerKarkana District
PIRO, Nicholas LeviAffiliate MemberBranch Fellowship Team
ROBERTS, Craig HowardScout LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Scout Troop (Thursday)
ROBERTS, SylkeAdult HelperNorthridge Para Vista Scout Group
ROLLINS, Angela MarieCommittee TreasurerLoxton Scout Group
ROWE, Christopher PaulScout LeaderPt Augusta Scout Troop
SHEEHAN, John WilliamAssistant Scout LeaderHope Valley Joey Mob
STEPHENS, Jacqueline HeatherAssistant Group LeaderCollege Park Scout Group
STEVENS, Toby LukeProvisional - Assistant Group LeaderTwo Wells Scout Group
TURBILL, JanBranch Vice-PresidentSouth Australian Branch
VAWSER, Mark AllanAssistant Joey Scout LeaderHappy Valley Joey Mob (Yungala)
VOJNOVIC, NadineJoey Scout LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Joey Mob (Wednesday)
WHITE-CRITTALL, Sue MarieProvisional - Group LeaderManor Farm Scout Group
WILLIAMS, Katie LeeBranch Commissioner (Youth Program)Youth Program Teams
WILLIAMS, MaryanneProvisional - Joey Scout LeaderRose Park/Norwood Joey Mob
WYSCHNJA, Benjamin JohnAssistant Scout LeaderHappy Valley Scout Troop (Jikara)


Noteworthy contribution to the success of their section or formation or to the wellbeing of Scouting – as a result of a period of at least 12 months intense effort.

ASPINALL, Neil Andrew
BLIGHT, Langdon StewartProvisional - Branch LeaderFinance Support Team
BOWDEN, Todd DeanJoey Scout LeaderRiverton Joey Mob
BROWN, Nicholas ShaneAssistant Scout LeaderAngle Vale Scout Troop
BRUER, Michael GregoryAssistant Scout LeaderBeaumont Scout Troop (Thursday)
BULLOCK, Kylie LouiseStaff (Volunteer)South Australian Branch
BURZACOTT, Michael Roger
CAREY, Janine AliceProvisional - Assistant Group LeaderGolden Grove Scout Group
CARR, John SpencerProvisional - Venturer LeaderProspect Sea Venturer Unit
CATALANO, DjamillaStaff (Woodhouse)Woodhouse Camping Centre
CHARLWOOD, CathrynJoey Scout LeaderAngle Vale Joey Mob
CLARK, Andrew Terence
COCKBURN, Dianne MareeProvisional - Joey Scout LeaderFlinders Park Joey Mob
CORD-UDY, Nigel StevernAdult HelperAJ2019 Organising Committee
CORD-UDY, Pritrina RaeAdult HelperAJ2019 Organising Committee
FERRIGE, Robert PeterProvisional - Group LeaderGreenwith Scout Group
FLAVEL, Erinn JadeJoey Scout LeaderGolden Grove Joey Mob
FORD, Roger DeanGroup LeaderTwo Wells Scout Group
FRESACHER, Matthias EduardAssistant Scout LeaderHillcrest Scout Troop (Friday)
FRY, Kymberley JadeCub Scout LeaderRiverton Cub Pack
GOLDFINCH, Alan RhysRoverAesir Rover Unit
GRAY, Elizabeth RuthCommitteeFullarton 1st/2nd Scout Group
HANCOCK, Darren CraigAdult Helper (Venturers)Hallett Cove Scout Group
HARRIS, Trevor JamesProvisional - Scout LeaderMawson Lakes Scout Troop (Zulu)
HAYNES, Tamra LouiseCommittee SecretaryRiverton Scout Group
HOGAN, Jonathan StephenCommittee (Member)Comedy Capers Team
HORNE, Amy KateCommittee ChairpersonNorthridge Para Vista Scout Group
HORNE, Trevor KeithAssistant Scout LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Scout Troop (Thursday)
IELASI, Samantha JaneAssistant Scout LeaderNorthridge Para Vista Scout Troop (Thursday)
JAMES, Kaleb WadeProvisional - Assistant Branch Commissioner (International)International Team
JENKINSON, JillianTrainee - Assistant Venturer LeaderDarlington Venturer Unit
KELLOW, Kevin FrancisAssistant Cub Scout LeaderGolden Grove Cub Pack (Wednesday)
KENNELLY, James Douglas
KOERBER, Allyson MareeTrainee - Activity LeaderComedy Capers Team
LABROOY, Robin Mark Justin
LAWRENCE, Carl AlexanderProvisional - Scout LeaderHappy Valley Scout Troop (Jikara)
LEWIS, Alicia IsabelProvisional - Group LeaderPembroke Scout Group
MACKEY, Angela JeanAssistant Scout LeaderGolden Grove Scout Troop (Friday)
MAGUIRE, Brendan JohnCommittee (Maintenance)Beaumont Scout Group
MCCALLUM, Ashley JamesAssistant Cub Scout LeaderSemaphore Cub Pack (Tuesday)
MCCULLA, Micheal PeterAssistant Cub Scout LeaderAngle Vale Cub Pack
MCDONOUGH, Christopher JosephCommittee TreasurerHackham Scout Group
MCKEE, Martin PhillipGroup LeaderSalisbury 1st Scout Group
MEDLOW, Kathryn HeatherRoverThe Black Knight Rover Unit
MORGAN, Samuel JamesCommittee (Member)Comedy Capers Team
MORRIS, Belinda MaryJoey Scout LeaderKidman Park Joey Mob
MORRISON, Hazel CarolScout LeaderEden Hills Scout Troop 1 (Wednesday)
MURPHY, Susan JaneCommittee TreasurerRiverton Scout Group
NEALIS, Maureen KarenAssistant Scout LeaderAngle Vale Scout Troop
PARSONS, Chantelle Margaret LouiseAdult HelperAJ2019 Organising Committee
PHILLIPS, Kieran MicahBRC Executive (BRC Membership Officer)Branch Rover Council
PRESTON-WARD, Daniel DavidAdult Helper (Scouts)Pembroke Scout Troop
RESCH, Gerhard ErnstProvisional - Assistant Venturer LeaderEden Hills Venturer Unit
RETZ, Andrew PaulAdult HelperScouts Shouts Youth Theatre
ROBERTSON, Cameron Giles
ROWLEY, Amanda LouiseJoey Scout LeaderHallett Cove Joey Mob
SARGENT, Vanessa LouiseTrainee - Assistant Cub Scout LeaderStradbroke Cub Pack
SCOTT, ReganProvisional - Assistant Group LeaderSalisbury 1st Scout Group
SIBLY, BridgetteProvisional - Cub Scout LeaderSalisbury 1st Cub Pack 3 (Tuesday)
SIMPSON, Adam JamesAssistant Scout LeaderRidgehaven Scout Troop (Friday)
SMITH, Brendan PeterAssistant Scout LeaderAngle Vale Scout Troop
SMITH, Phillip ChristopherProvisional - Assistant Group LeaderKilkenny Scout Group
STEVENS, Dennis JohnCommittee TreasurerSalisbury 1st Scout Group
STOBA, Michael JohnScout LeaderTaperoo Sea Scout Troop (Monday)
SUMMERS, Bethany Shannon-AliceCommittee TreasurerReynella Scout Group
TAYLOR, Alicia CarolineAdult Helper (Cub Scouts)College Park Cub Pack 2 (Wednesday)
TAYLOR, Marc WilliamCommittee TreasurerHope Valley Scout Group
THOMPSON, Narelle Lee
TOMLIN, Cherie ElizabethProvisional - Group LeaderGilberton Scout Group
VAN DER WIELEN, Heidi LeeCub Scout LeaderFlagstaff Hill Cub Pack 1 (Kaurna)
WALL, Amber BrianneCub Scout LeaderSalisbury 1st Cub Pack 2 (Thursday)
WALSH, Wendy KayAssistant Cub Scout LeaderEdinburgh Park Cub Pack
WARREN, Bevin GrahamCub Scout LeaderSomerton Park Sea Cub Pack (Monday)
WOOD, Sarah MarianAdult HelperComedy Capers Team


TSAKIRIS, Jessica AshleeRover AdviserKullari Rover Unit
UNGER, Laura DeniseActivity LeaderComedy Capers Team
WOOD, Natasha MarieProvisional - Assistant Venturer LeaderFlagstaff Hill Venturer Unit