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New Vice President - James Carter

20 May 2020

Following the appointment of former Vice President, Jan Turbill to Chief Commissioner, James Carter has been elected Vice President from now until the AGM in August. Congratulations James!


Our Chief Commissioner's address re COVID-19 addresses

24 Apr 2020

Listen to our Chief Commissioner, Jan Turbill lead you through our plans to be a stronger organisation on the other side of COVID-19


Scouting From Home

14 Apr 2020

Find out how you can join Scouting, share in some of our awesome activities or discover what your friends have been raving about.


Scouts SA appoints it's 19th Chief Commissioner

02 Apr 2020

Welcome Jan, Farewell Harry! Scouts SA is proud to announce Jan Turbill has been appointed as our 19th Chief Commissioner. Jan succeeds Harry Long who has devoted his life to Scouting and education and has served as our Chief for the last 5 years.


The adventure continues!

10 Dec 2019

Do you have the post AJ2019 Blues? There is plenty of adventure still to be found!


Woodhouse Activity Centre News


Have you been to Woodhouse lately?

New Faces, New Places and New Spaces

New Faces
Woodhouse has embraced the Scouts SA Woodhouse 2020 Vision. The combination of new Management, the Woodhouse 2020 Vision, the development of new activity sites and refurbished support areas, as well as the 2017 Branch Executive Committee approved Business Plan, has positioned us to take the next step in the achievement of the shared vision. Following the positive growth that Woodhouse has realised in the past 12 months, we are
delighted to advise that our General Manager Woodhouse, James Sellers has appointed two key managers to assist the current Woodhouse Team deliver a higher quality visitor experience to more people. 
Mr Simon Frederick has been appointed to the role of Operations and Activities Manager and Mrs Emily Cordell has been appointed to the role of Business Development Manager.
Many Scouting members will know Simon through his passionate involvement and rich history in Scouting. In addition to this, and very importantly, he has a very special passion for the property.
He will bring a level of professionalism which matches the newly structured team at Woodhouse, whilst at the same time, he will strongly contribute to the team’s understanding and empathy for the volunteer ethic. His experience in developing and conducting youth activity further suits him for this important role.
Emily comes to Woodhouse as the exemplary professional in both Sales and Marketing. Connecting with customers either face to face or through her talented marketing techniques is her forte and has delivered excellent results already for Woodhouse.
These two professionals complement the well-known staff team of;
·      Sorita and Dennis, our two caretakers,
·      Susannah our bookings and administration officer,
·      Djamilla, our education coordinator and accounts receivable.
Upgraded Spaces with new names
Scouts and visitors may have also had the opportunity to witness some exciting infrastructure and re-branding also going on at the site. Working with Woodhouse 2020 and the Branch Executive Committee, Woodhouse is delivering on some large-scale upgrades to produce an exceptional experience for all using the site.
Works to Old Woodhouse Manor (formally known as the Old House) are well on their way to being finished. The Manor has lovingly been restored back to its former glory with stunning chandeliers, new bathrooms, polished floors and even has been equipped with state of the art AV equipment and a new kitchen, ready for your next booking!
Other works for the site include the redevelopment of the lower office for ease of check in, SA’s first Disk Golf course, Rymill’s courtyard garden redevelopment, new arts and craft room and many more. These improvements coupled with the Woodhouse 2020’s strategic goals of redevelopment of the Basecamps (formally ASU’s), Challenge Hill upgrades, Stags Activity Store improvements and the wonderful 60th birthday celebrations makes for huge improvements and an exciting time for the site.
What’s in a name?
New signage has been key to the redevelopments and you may have even noticed a name change or two in the process. 
Woodhouse has tried to make it easy for those booking by differentiating the type of accommodation and paying homage to scouting history and key people in the properties history.
Basecamps now replace the old ASU names; these reflect a sense of adventure and also a great time to change with all of the improvements 2020 has made to them, each basecamp has a name honouring scouting history.
Western ASU is now call Gilwell Basecamp named after the proud scouting heritage of Gilwell park in England.
Northern ASU has now become St George Basecamp after the patron saint of scouting.
Eastern ASU is now Brownsea Basecamp named after Brownsea Island, the home to the first ever Scout camp.
Woodhouses cabins, now called chalets to reflect their modest features acknowledges past custodians of the site.
Cabin 1 becomes Chambers Chalet - John Chambers was the first owner of Woodhouse who, by all accounts, was an example of the hard-working, skilled settler who helped to establish the colony. Blacksmithing being one of his talents, the anvil was incorporated into the Chambers' Chalet logo.
Cabin 2 becomes Hanson Chalet - Sir Richard Davies Hanson was the third owner and major developer of Woodhouse. After the general election in 1857, he sat as Premier of the State until 1860, was appointed Chief Justice in 1861, knighted in 1869 and went on to become the first Chancellor of Adelaide University.
Cabin 3 becomes Stephens Chalet - George Milne Stephen was the second owner of Woodhouse and described as "a man of unusual ability, a good administrator and a capable lawyer interested in science, art and music, all of which he studied.
Our buildings have either had a rebranding or additional name change as well with the Rymill Centre now proudly displaying the fleur de lis as appears on its front entrance door handles. The Old House changes to a name more fitting of its grand presence to Old Woodhouse Manor and the Bunkhouse changes slightly to honour a generous donation from Harley Hooper to now be known as Hooper Bunkhouse.
Check out each logo, they are all different and reflect a little about each name in their own way.
It’s a very exciting time for Woodhouse with so many more new developments to come. Congratulations to the BEC, Woodhouse 2020 committee, the staff and all  the volunteers who have worked as one Branch to bring Woodhouse to where it is today.   We welcome members up for a visit or even to volunteer as we take this jewel in our Scout crown into the future.